Failure & Confrontation

Failure & Confrontation

We Do, We Try, We Fail. Take ANY road. We are human.

Failure and Confrontation

Is Failure bad?

The first attempt at anything is likely not to go perfectly. Sometimes even the second and third do not bear the fruit you wish. Imagine if we told our children to stop trying to walk with their first few falls? Failure? Not a chance.

If I were to guess, society thinks failure is a bad thing. I disagree. Failure allows learning and growth to occur.

I believe only when our experiences fail to become growth are they truly failures. This rarely happens.

Failure & Confrontation

Credit Dr Suess Art

Yes, failing can be frustrating...

Of course, these moments in time can add up to a feeling of disappointment. Maybe your timing isn't right. Maybe you have been so immersed in something, your view gets distorted and the time for success isn't imminent. It's okay.

Put your failure on a shelf. Just give the failure a break because as you meander through life the opportunity to learn from years ago still exists.

Confrontation? Good or Bad?

Depending on how you look at things (insert glass half full metaphor) confrontation can be a brilliant, brilliant opportunity. Sometimes personal confrontation can feel insurmountable. But at the other side of the confrontation, two people can feel more aligned.

What about one person confronting a task?  Think of something as simple as taking out the garbage.  BEFORE, UGH, a task that needs to be confronted. DURING, it's on, it's tough, keep going.  AFTER.  Feels good to get that done. Don't confront, the garbage gets stinkier. A simple example shows the benefits of confrontation. Without can't fail or get the garbage out.

Without confrontation, you also can't succeed.

Maybe there is a more difficult confrontation?

Studying for an exam, disciplining your child, getting up early, making dinner are all common confrontations.  In the end, the only way to move truly forward is to respectfully confront without fear of failing.

Worst case scenario, if you try (confront) and fail, you have figured out that that didn't work and you are closer to a solution.

Try Green Eggs and Ham

So, again, I argue, depending on your point of view and your respect to the confrontation, it can actually lead to monumental change.

Failure & Confrontation


It is the opposite or perhaps not,

It is the side that cannot be seen,

It is an experience of togetherness,


Will always be alone.

Why then do we confront?

So that we remain within our self,

It is escape from that which it is only to where it is not;

To try the impossible,

But it must be tried,

As this is the only part which is important.

-Author Unkown

"Love the path. Wherever it takes you. Failures and confrontation can be all you need to send you down a road you never want to leave."

Failure and confrontation are two often scary concepts.  It comes down to one simple thought process. Without confrontation of anything, you can't fail or succeed. You sit idle. Without failure, you can't truly grow.

With this in mind, it's time to go and confront.