Is the stress and the Internet like a messy bedroom? #internetstresschallenge

Is the stress and the Internet like a messy bedroom? #internetstresschallenge

Can the concept of a messy bedroom be applied to help you think through where you are, where we are right now?

Cleaning Your Bedroom As A Kid

For any of you that have cleaned a bedroom, it's really funny how when you really cleaned your bedroom properly, before it started to get clean, it literally got 100 times messier than it was when you started the task of cleaning your room.

Think about the fact that cleaning required you to take an inventory of all of your stuff, put it in a pile,  sort out what you needed, what you could get rid of, what you couldn't believe you had and what was REALLY important to you.

Once you sorted all of this out, you still needed a place for it.

But, when the room was clean and things were in their place, you couldn't wait to spend time enjoying your room.

Life is like that.  Sometimes you may need to take inventory of where you are and determine what's really important and then sort out how you want to allocate your time.

The Internet

Let's face it, the Internet is like a bedroom. There is shit all over the floor and it's so overwhelming that sometimes we don't know what to do with it.

Each day, we are all guilty of it, we spend time on the Internet, and the truth is, some of that time, we never get back.

It's messy. I have to spend X minutes doing my tweets, X minutes seeing what my friends are up to, X minutes researching. It adds up.

And some days it adds up to a whole lot of "how did my day get so messy?"

Like a messy bedroom, it's important to take inventory of how we are spending time online.  What do we need, what do we want, and what time online can we get rid of?

Take it one step further by thinking about what other things you want to do besides the Internet.

I am one of those hypocrites. I spend a long period of time online and I contribute to the time others spend online.

At the same time, I actually appreciate the connections we can make online.

Trust me on that one.

Here's my point, it's time for us to take stock of what we are doing. Everyone has their own priorities, but, I have one magic request.

Let's take a look at the time we are spending online, put it into piles and truly prioritize how we are using it.  There is widespread opinion and possibly fact that our time online is contributing to our stress.

Life, Stress & Happiness

So the Internet is just part of it. Our lives for the most part are overwhelming.

I think busy is good.  I also think doing lots of stuff is good.

But I am pretty sure we are all taking part in chaos.

Here's the good news.  We are likely not alone.

If you are stressed (messy) others likely are too.  It happens.

I can admit it. I am stressed.

I am going to do something about it.

For me, I am going to look at my stress as actually a really good thing.

Wait, what? IF YOU LISTEN to your stress, this is often the pinnacle of your chaos.  Stress is telling you that your priorities in life and possibly happiness are being pushed aside by things that don't bring you as much joy.

Remember...your room was messy and you ignored it for a while until it got really messy and you had to make a change.

I am not saying stress is fun, but I am saying stress can be the turning point to clean things up.

The Internet Stress Challenge


So here we are. 3 minutes into an article written by a digital entrepreneur, father, husband. I am going to issue a challenge to everyone reading this.

If the Internet is causing you stress...of any form. Follow these steps:

  1. 1) Take the time to go for a walk, and put together your mental list of priorities and where those priorities fit. This is important. Going for a walk will take you away from your computer.
  2. Ok, come back from your walk and write down your list of priorities. Friends, Family, Work etc.
    1. When it comes to stress, the truth is, you are not the only one affected by your stress. Your family, kids, and relationship suffer too.
  3. Take some time to talk to the people close to you.  They have perspective.
  4. The Internet gets its own category. Write down the amount of time you want to spend online each day and how you might want to limit some things.  Honestly, if you want to spend more time online, it's entirely up to you.  Just take an inventory of the things you love, the things you can't believe you do and the things you can't believe you spend that much time on.
  5. EXECUTE. What ever you put down in your list, genuinely attempt to execute them.

Just as an FYI, one item on my list is to spend quality time with my family outside each week.

Life is short folks.  We are all well aware that we are getting consumed by our time online. Let's take stock together and see how we can better allocate our time to reduce our stress and spend more time with the people we love.

Share this an invite others to take an inventory of how they spend time online.

Maybe parents need to limit screen time for parents???

What's important to you...