Why should I create a publication?

Why should I create a publication?
about 1 year ago

Chance are if you have made it here, you are contemplating forming a GROUP publication using the Klusster Platform.

The Good News

Klusster is a FREE platform that allows any group of business to BAND together as a group and combine their CONTENT ASSETS and SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETS to create more connections.  Every single business, blogger, non-profit or organization is connected to a PEER group that if combined together would enable ALL members of this group to reach more people.

What's the difference?

A blog is usually created a single author destination that highly represents a single entity.  We feel blogs are absolutely powerful, needed and required.

The challenge with standalone blogs is that distribution is the sole responsibility of one.  Pretty hard to drive significant traffic.

Once you build a blog, you have incredible content that needs to get found.  The more people that read your content the greater the chance of you generating the outcome that you want from this content.

Enter Klusster Publications

Klusster exists to help businesses get greater distribution of their content and ultimately lead to new business.  If 10 people can each reach a 1000 people, that group can reach 10,000.  This is the power of together.

Once you have created content on Klusster, why not form an alliance and increase your distribution.

Next Steps?

Forming a Klusster publication is easy.

1. Invite your friends to create content on Klusster.

2. Create a branded publication that they can submit content to

3. Have them + their content to your publication.

4. That's it! The sharing ENGINE of Klusster is now ON!!

By forming an alliance publication with two or more people, your group will automatically get notification of NEW CONTENT from the group to share and each member will receive two PERFORMANCE UPDATES a week with stats and ideas of what content to share.

That's A Publication!

What is even more powerful about building a publication is the OFFLINE relationships that also flourish that add to the creation of new business.

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