Klusster Part of a balanced #digitalMarketer #contentmarketing strategy

Klusster Part of a balanced #digitalMarketer #contentmarketing strategy

Klusster helps digital marketers stay ahead of their competitors in the digital marketing, SEO Marketing Landscape.

Content marketers, SEO marketers, digital marketers...

Increase your clients digital traffic by 20X with Klusster


Using Klusster, tens of thousands of digital marketers give their clients an unfair advantage in getting found online.

A Balanced Online Strategy

Klusster is a tool that ads value to a balanced strategy.

  1. First, a website needs to have a strong foundation of content.
  2. Second,  you, or your clients need to continuously create content on a blog to support that foundational content.
  3. Third, your Google My Business account matters. Fresh content is key.

BUT...All of these are passive distribution tactics. With the above 3 tools, you are essentially waiting for people to find you.

With Klusster..

You can set up your clients and a group of clients to pro-actively distribute content.  Klusster easily enables a TEAM to develop a co-ordinated system to distribute more content.

Have Clients With Staff?

Form a Klusster publication and enlist the help of a companies entire staff to help share the content from your clients eMagazine.

Not only that. With Klusster you can choose to give any Call To Action Leads to the staff or team member that distributes that content.

Have Clients That Serve The Same Community?

Build and manage a publication for a group of clients where they support each other.  What if you could get 10 businesses working together distribution content?

CASE STUDY - The Local Physiotherapist.

A local physiotherapist, was behind the times, and hadn't invested heavily in the Internet. They didn't realize that over 1,000 people a month searched Google for local physiotherapists.

They had 8 therapists in their company and wanted to begin to capture more online traffic.

What did we do?

1. We updated their web content to have a stong foundation.

2. We created a Klusster publication for all the staff to share often

3. We updated and maintained their Google My Business.

4. We regularily created blog posts to educate clients.

The results?

Klusster Publication - With all 8 staff sharing on a regular basis, their fresh content is read 400-500 times a month.

Google - When we began the project, they were ranked 30th in Google for the search term "physiotherapist". Now??? They are ranked 1-3.

New Business!! - Most importantly, they have benefited from a systematic program and CONSISTENTLY develop new business from online engagement.

Digital Marketer?

Reach out and learn how we developed a 6 figure recurring business utilizing Klusster and providing good service to clients.