#digitalMarketers #contentmarketers - Share The Love

#digitalMarketers #contentmarketers - Share The Love

Over the last 18 months, we have been working hard to create an incredibly powerful #contentmarketing solution.


The Klusster.com Group Publication Platform

Over the last 18 months, we have been fine tuning a new alternative to online marketing.  We have worked with 100s of businesses to test our theory, that working as a group, you can reach far more people alone.

And you know, it works.  We helped a group of 25 local health practitioners generate over 200,000 content engagements from targeted consumers.

Groups as small as 2, or as large as 100 can utilize the Klusster platform to form a content marketing alliance and reach far more people than they can working alone.

We have 1000s of users that use Klusster to reach more people, directly through a group publication and/or indirectly through improved SEO.

Klusster enables businesses to combine their content assets and social media assets together to build GROUP Branded Publications.

No longer do you need to "advertise" the traditional way.  Collectively, when combining resources, a group of businesses has all they require to create quality media destinations and engage with an audience of consumers big enough for everyone in the group to succeed.  Steven Thode, Klusster

Klusster is the tool that harnesses these resources. Stop working alone to reach people online.

Klusster is a turnkey platform that allows PEER businesses to:

1. Create Group Publications

2. Distribute and track the distribution and engagement.

3. Manage the Leads Generated Through The Publication.

Within days, with the help of a #content or #digital marketer, businesses can combine their resources together to form a quality destination for consumers and begin to get new leads they otherwise would not have uncovered.

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