Join The Allied #Marketers - Launch June 2019

Join The Allied #Marketers - Launch June 2019

Hello, my fellow marketers! Join the Alliance and combine forces with some incredible offline & digital product and service providers.

The Allied Marketers?

The Allied Marketers is a marketing publication powered by a Multi-National Peer Group from various disciplines in the world of marketing.

Collectively we are assembling a group that will have the strength to reach 1,200,000+ online.

Are you a Marketer?

We invite marketers and application providers from all disciplines to contribute content and distribute regularly into The Allied Marketers Publication.

Why Would You Join?

1 - New Exposure - Your peer group will share your quality content to new audiences you are not currently exposed to.  By, 2020, our group is expected to reach over a million businesses annually looking for products and services you offer.

2 - Leverage Your Content - Set your quality content free!! You already have created great content, why not get increased exposure?

3 - Improved SEO - Your content and links are distributed by a strong association of quality marketers.

4 - Learn More - Great marketing content and application info in one place.

5 - Meet New People - Develop real relationships with marketers around the world.  The Allied Marketers will bring together 100 influential marketing organizations.

6 - Powered by Klusster - The web's fastest growing group content marketing platform. Klusster, easily enables businesses to join or create peer group publications in days to expand exposure.

7 - The cost is unbeatable. (See Below)

Why Klusster?

In a nutshell.  The Allied Marketers is a PEER PUBLICATION Powered by the group publication platform. See Below.

Join The Allied #Marketers - Launch June 2019

The Rules To Join - Be A Team Player

You are going to have 30-50 new business partners helping share your content with the Allied Marketers, therefore, we expect high quality in our members.

1. You agree to upload a minimum of 1 marketing related content per month.

2. You agree to distribute a minimum of 500 pieces of content per month.

3. You agree to meet new people and build new relationships.

4. You agree to have fun marketing your business.

5. You agree to create strong CALL-TO-ACTIONS and links to your key products and services so readers can easily contact you.

6. Each participant including staff must have a collective influence > 10,000

IMPORTANT: This alliance is being created to grow business.  We are excited about all members joining, however, we are expecting QUALITY original content. You can syndicate your content from elsewhere but it must be your content.

We are limiting members to 50 worldwide.

Ready To Join?

1) Join Klusster,

2) Create Content

3) Request your content into The Allied Marketers

3) Get Approved! You are part of the team!

4) Contact me if you have any questions

5) Learn More About Klusster: Attend A Webinar