Take The Klusster Steve #digitalmarketer Math #Challenge

Take The Klusster Steve #digitalmarketer Math #Challenge

I am personally challenging MARKETERS everywhere to get better at math.

The Setup

Below is a video of a simple math problem.  You need the sound on, and you need to promise you will say the math problem outloud.

The Agreement

If you complete the math problem, and you don't succeed, you agree to share or RETWEET this page with your social media followers.  Facebook, linkedin or twitter.

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Agree? Okay, let's get started. Press play!

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How did you do?

The reason we present this math problem is that, so MANY businesses and marketers can actually do much better at math. Wait... What?

That's right, and you really don't have to change a thing.

The problem with many of us is that we are working ALONE trying to get found and engage online.  That's the loneliest math we know.

Sad eh?

The good news is that with one simple trick, we can improve our math of message delivery online.

We can form an alliance!

One More Boring Video - What if you could reach 20X more people?

The Platform

Klusster is a FREE GROUP blogging/publishing platform that allows alliances to reach up to 20X more people than they currently can working alone.

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Thanks for playing :) Klusster Steve