Is it just me @google or does link building & AI not feel quite right yet??

Is it just me @google or does link building & AI not feel quite right yet??

An open letter to Google as I remain hopeful that they will solve the results affected by "fake artificial intelligence content" &"disingenuous link building"

Dear Google

As you were growing up, I always believed you guys were trying to drive the right traffic to right people.  This was a monumental task in itself, let alone with people trying to game the system.

You had a traditional business model of aggregating great content (FREE to the reader), driving traffic and selling ads.  Beautiful.  Since this was the case, you had no choice but to create a valuable destination. Your profits and customers relied on this value.

I never questioned, and still don't question your intent.

Of course, in the early days of your development, it made sense to create a database of content where the words in the content matched the words in search.  Step #1

It didn't take long for people to start STUFFING KEYWORDS and making their content sound like garbage. You knew this was happening and ultimately came up with a solution.

As an aside, one thing I didn't question was that Google wanted to do what was right.  There was a reason for this. When you went public you did so by way of Dutch Auction.  This is a method of pricing something and filling demand based on the markets perceived value.  It's intended to bring an ethical Free Market price.  It did.  At the time, it was a big deal but turns out 15 years later, meh, no big deal. In the article I linked to, Bob Pasani said it failed, but why? Because you didn't raise as much money if you could under more conventional methods?

But, that one move made me realize that Google wanted to do what they felt was right. Provide a free market solution.  So my gut is, they want to provide a FREE market solution to search.  The best value yields the best results.

I remember your junk results.

I definitely remember when I would search for something and the results were clearly from some company trying to beat you.

It's happening again.

So here we are.  Now there are two new pests in the SEO world that have me scratching my head once again. Link building and AI (Artificial Intelligence) don't currently sit right with me.

As far as link building, this is I am sure a really tough dilemma.  There are legitimate links for sure and then what I call duplicitous links.  And the links that are in between these two.

On one hand, it makes sense to me that people add value to content by linking to other opinion and fact.  Legitimate.

On the other hand, it makes absolutely no sense to me that the LINK BUILDING industry is so big.  Clearly, the shops that are putting their links on all just a bunch of sites makes very little sense.  Our site even has a bunch of knuckleheads creating posts for the sake of link building.  We will definitely fix that as these users are gaming SEO on our site too.

Anyhow, I digress. I have lots of faith in you guys that your intent to drive people to the right pages is real and that somehow, you will help us (the consumer) find a way to combat the AI content producers and link builders that are just playing a game.

AI Results Are Creeping Into Illigitimate

Another phenomenon that drives me nuts it some of the search results I get when I search "BTE NYSE". (Baytex is an equity stock and I follow it) yet in the NEWS search results, I clearly get junk.

Here is a result I get from a site called  the result I have shown is clearly a piece of content that is Artificial.  They stream together a bunch of sentences with data and quote useless stats (That don't really matter in investing) and try to pawn the "story" off as legit.  I give them credit.  It's a lot of programming. But further looking into these fake AI authors you can see their bios are jibberish fraught with grammatical error. So this entire site, in my opinion is a game for people to make money with Google Ads (Another Dilemma)

These results REALLY bother me as I find them useless and I know, of course, know that this company is just creating high amounts of data that fools Google into thinking they are putting together legitimate content.

So what am I saying?

I am pointing out these points and imagine I can't be the only one frustrated by this. I guess I am just saying thanks in advance.  I know google is doing their best to drive to us legitimate results.

I know that this is an ongoing process and likely will never end.  Until then, I pledge to create what I think is legitimate content.

We believe your message remains consistent. Create good content and we intend to support this mantra.


Steven Thode - Founder Klusster