Just Once - Take Some Teens to NYC

Just Once - Take Some Teens to NYC
over 3 years ago

An incredible adventure to New York City, full of good food, good views, and spontaneous adventure.

Take A Teenager to NYC (Part 1 of 2)

It really doesn’t matter who you are, a trip is an experience for you as well as the kids. Whether you are a grandparent or a parent, one thing you must check off your bucket list is to take an early teen to New York City.

New York represents such an opportunity to motivate, inspire, and understand that the world is a pretty amazing place. I took both my sons to New York at 13, and both of them (from different views) stood beside me and said the exact same thing, “It’s amazing what humans can do!”

Central Park and The Towers

Quote From Central Park "It is amazing what humans can do!"

So with that, it’s time to share what 3 people can do in a day in a half in New York City.

We started in the Buffalo airport. Shamelessly, we love Jet Blue (Thanks @jetblue) for (as usual) prompt service and an easy flight from Buffalo to JFK.

Grand Central Station

When we arrived traffic was heavy, and looking at Google maps, we realized that it was going to be faster to walk than sit in the taxi. So out we got. (Incidentally, JFK taxis are easy to take to Manhattan on a flat fare of $52 plus a few tolls) and the first impression for the boys was when we saw Grand Central Station http://www.gcthistory.com/

Grand Central Station

Next, The Westin - Times Square

Following Grand Central, we headed to the Westin Times Square. This is a great hotel that puts you in the centre of good restaurants and Times Square. We suggest you hit Hell’s Kitchen for some dinner if you are there a few nights. New York, even with the kids, is such a great place to try lots of different food from around the world. Westin Times Square

Central Park NYC

After we got settled in the hotel, it was off to Central Park

One of the best things about teenagers is the spontaneous things that pop up. Not only did we see a soccer baseball game, some great views, but we also decided getting a massage in Central Park might be fun. Central Park is also home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a must see, and for others we highly recommend taking bikes around the park. (Central Park Bikes)

Central, park, so, much, to do

Street Food

If you are going to walk in NYC with a couple of teenage boys, they are going to get hungry, and when they get hungry, you absolutely need to have some HALALGUYS.  Congrats on 25 years in NEW YORK!

halal, guys, NYC, new York

Always a line up.

Top of the Rock

If you want to see 1000's of buildings in one single view, there are very few options where you can go to see for miles. Like the Top of The Rock in Rockefeller Center - the good thing about this is if you get there and you have to wait to get to the top, there is lots to see while you wait.

new york city views



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