Are you using Klusster to its full extent?

Are you using Klusster to its full extent?
almost 2 years ago

Hi there! We are excited that you have decided to use Klusster. We want to make sure you get the most out of it.

Klusster is driven by a simple philosophy...

A group of businesses/people can deliver more information than a single business can on their own. Sometimes we have users that only work on their own.

Klusster is a GROUP publishing and distribution platform.

First, we allow you to create and publish a portfolio of content, then we ENCOURAGE you to publish your content into a publication to turn on all the amazing features. Sometimes, SEO specialists use our platform to improve their clients organic search.

The most successful marketing specialists however, create a group publication, and the get multiple clients work together to share a joint publication.  The results are that their clients SEO improves even more.

Should you build a Klusster Publication?

You want more exposure for your business or clients.

You are part of a group of businesses that service the same client.

You use social media to connect to more customers.

How many businesses are needed?

If just TWO businesses get together to build a GROUP publication,  their publication will get DOUBLE the exposure each business can get by working alone.

More Partners? More Exposure!

What if I just have 5 partners?

Did you know, if just 5 businesses each bring 10 people a day to a group publication ,that group will reach 18,250 people in a year.  The average business in that Klusster of 5 will have their content distributed to 5,000 new connections.

What are the features unlocked?

When you place your content into the Klusster publication feature you unlock a VERY POWERFUL APPLICATION.

1) Distribution eMails to all publication contributors

2) Each piece of content gets a custom Call To Action Message.

3) Statistics on content views, engagement & distribution strength.

4) Ability to accept others into your distribution group

5) Ability to add staff/team members to help you distribute.

And So Much More...