I have a business. I want to get more online traffic! How much should I spend?

I have a business. I want to get more online traffic! How much should I spend?

Now's the time. Your business still can move up to the top of organic search.

First Things First

Getting found online, takes time, consistency and commitment.

Most businesses know by now, that the businesses with deeper content on their website get more of the "FREE" traffic from search engines.

What's great about this traffic, is that once you get it, it's much easier to maintain than it was to get you to that point.

However, there is NO sugar coating here.  Getting organic search will take effort.

Wait, How Much Does It Cost?

SEO services range in complexity and price. Some businesses sell you "link placement" and their goal is to place your links to your content on a whole bunch of websites as this serves to endorse you.

These service run roughly $80 per link placed on another website.  WE DON'T LOVE THIS GAME.  We feel, it's unauthentic. Strangers, picking up the phone and asking to put links on websites of businesses they don't know.

Besides, Google now has the ability to assess every page your links are on. So, if your link gets placed on a page that has no strength, it might not make a difference anyway.

There is no substitute for...

...Good honest hard work.

Before we get into pricing, we want to share the ingredients to successful results in organic search.

1. You need a strong foundation - Go search a company that appears high in search, and we can all but guarantee you, that company has a strong foundation of content on their website.

2. You need supporting content.  What does this mean? Let's use an example. Say you are a chiropractor and you want to help someone with a bad back? Your supporting content might be a piece of content on "stretching exercises that prevent you from having a back back" Yes. That's right. This content is a trust building exercise. Creating this content help show your know your stuff.

3. You need whatever content you create, to be distributed.  Regardless of what content you create, you need people to "endorse" it. Your content gets endorsed by having this content CONSUMED. This implies it's good, which in turn implies you must be good, which gives Google the confidence to rank you higher.

So back to how much?

We recommend that you invest 2-4% of your revenue in content creation every year.  Of course, the catch is when you are a growing business and don't have revenue and you might need a lump sum to get you started.

So for a local business we suggest the following.

1. Foundation Content: We suggest investing $1000-$5000 on your website content to take it to a point it has some gravity.  This does not include design work.

Side note:  Years ago when many businesses would get a website developed, they would spend 80% on design and 20% on content.  Today those percentages should be flipped. Spend 80% on content and 20% on design.

Good design is critical to give your web visitors a great experience once they get to your site.  The good design should compliment the solid foundation content required to drive organic traffic to your site.

2. Supporting Content: We suggest investing $250-$1000 per month depending on how competitive your business is.  This will allow you to consistently get on the radar of people and Google.

3. Distribution:  This is how you get your content consumed.  Again, it depends on your business and the size of your business, but start with a target of spending an hour a week on the distribution or utilize a tool like Klusster.com to build a content distribution team


We get it. It's not that easy, so many businesses just give up. Don't!

Find a digital professional that you trust and can show some previous results and has at least a few businesses that can vouch for them.  A good SEO, content marketing business is a GREAT investment.  The reason being is your content can work in your sleep.

Oh and we know, your company is getting an offer for SEO Services every other day from people you don't even know how they found you.

Fear not, there are still great businesses out there.

How do you know?

When dealing with an SEO company, make sure they can show you graphs like this and introduce you to the company that achieved these results.

Below is a company that CONSISTENTLY invested in the 3 above ingredients to build a stronger online presence.  What started with an Audit and Strategy Program ended with a 900% growth in traffic.

I have a business. I want to get more online traffic! How much should I spend?

Are you Ready?

Let's get the discussion started. The best place to start is to see where you are at.  Our SEO audit will provide you a very quick understanding of the top 60 terms driving your current web traffic and where we can improve performance with a few tweaks.

Fill out the attached form and we will get you started on your road to better organic search traffic with an SEO audit.