HOME - Maybe It's not just a place?

HOME - Maybe It's not just a place?

Home may be the house or your apartment or where you live...But it may also be a state of mind...

There is no place like home

We all know the saying, "There is no place like home" - Certainly made famous by the Wizard of oz.  But is your home a physical place?

Ever been home alone?

I think most of us remember as kids being home alone and realizing that it was much better when people came home and filled our lives...Some of us love the peace and tranquil of being alone and prefer that.  Is that your home?  Quiet?

It seems to me that both these types of homes are places in our mind where we develop that sanctuary.

Home can "happen" anywhere?

For me home, is multiple places. My home is mostly in my mind. It really comes down to when I have time to think that I am happy in a certain moment and I get the opportunity to appreciate where I am at the moment. In the banner image, home is my son and his friend loving the moment.

Here I got just enough time to think about the moment and get a picture to make it last.

Home is with family

It doesn't matter where I am. When I am with my kids, I am home.  Watching them at sports, or in a small little cabin where you are on top of everyone. There is another saying that comes to mind, that one of the keys to being a good parent is just showing up. Sometimes, yes, even watching a movie with your kids on the couch is the real home.

I find my other home in the woods

Of course, for me, there is the obvious home of walking in the woods.  A chance to clear my thoughts and look around and realize how small we all really are.  When isolated, home becomes the chance to think.I Think about the "plan" or where I want to go.

Home is unhurried. Home is the wind whistling through the trees.

HOME - Maybe It's not just a place?

Music Is My Home

Home also came to me the other day, when as a Canadian, I was fortunate enough to see The Tragically Hip one last time.  For those of you that don't know, Gord Downie the lead singer was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer.

The band is just about finished their very last live performance together after 32 years.  Not only was the music my home, but as they played and I thought about the certain fate of us all, how there was Gord, loving what he was doing, soaking it all in one last time.  This concert brought me to many "homes" in that two-hour period as I took time to reflect on so many things.

home is more than just where we live


When you are thinking about "fixing" your own home and finding your own place, give a little time to thinking that  maybe that "home" is an opportunity to think about how lucky you are just to be there and surrounded by amazing people.

Maybe our real home is just a state of mind that let's us be grateful?