Sharing - Not Just Good For Kids. Good For Business!

Sharing - Not Just Good For Kids.  Good For Business!
over 3 years ago

We have been told since we were little that it is healthy to share... Ironically, if you own a business...It's also VERY healthy to share!

The Internet is all about connections.  And the most successful, will always make the most & DEEPEST connections!

This is an honest commentary...

Most businesses love what they do, but they are having significantly less luck making connections to drive new business through online channels.

What's the problem?

Although we have made significantly more connections than ever before, we are competing with other businesses also making significantly more connections.  So what's happening?  The quantity of connections is there!

But, the quality of these connections has diminished SIGNIFICANTLY!

There are two components to connections:

1) The quality of the information affects the depth of a connection:

“63% of consumers reported they may defect from brands due to irrelevant content. Of that group, 41% would consider ending a brand relationship due to irrelevance and 22% already have.” Linked In

If you are sending low quality messaging, you run a significant risk in alienating your customer.  We argue all of the time, that consumers are not unintelligent. They always seem to know when business owners have passion (drawn to these businesses) and they also know when they are throwing enough mud against the wall hoping it will stick. (repelled from these businesses)

2) Who is making a connection also affects the depth of a connection:

If you are constantly, "bragging" about yourself, you are failing to capitalize on the most valuable form of marketing. WORD-OF-MOUTH.  The question you have to ask yourself is...."Is it more valuable to have someone refer my message or is it more valuable for me to constantly refer myself."

What's the value of 1 referral?

How many times must you tell people you are amazing to add up to just one person telling other people you are amazing?

If you are not developing the relationships where OTHERS are sharing your content and endorsing you online,  the depth of the connection is simply not as strong.

Conclusion: WE NEED BOTH!

Quality Information + Independent Endorsement

Enter sharing...

sharing, information, endorsment

Sharing Content is what the internet is all about

Sharing is good for you!

By developing stronger relationships with people OFFLINE you are going to increase the chance the chance that they will refer your content ONLINE.

This referral of content is the most POWERFUL component missing in the average ONLINE strategy.

People are taking on the task of distributing their own information and developing connections, yes. However, the weight of a 3rd party referral is significantly stronger.  Why?

Think about the power of a referral OFFLINE?

The reality is that each day, the consumer is bombarded with information by people that are just about themselves. It's all about ME.  And eventually it gets exhausting. Shared content is perceived as so much more valuable to the end consumer.

Oh and... Google Values Sharing Too!

If this article is not enough...think about how Google values links and those links endorsement of content.  This is 2017.  Time to stop doing everything on your own and experience the POWER OF TOGETHER for your business!

Here is a link that talks about link sharing tips.  The point of this is that it is COMMON practice now to get your content endorsed.  My most valuable tip is to create great content that people will share.  Great content, can be a SALE, a piece of Knowledge or even 5 tips... Here are 7 More Ways to improve your ability to get found online.

SHARING MATTERS... If you don't have a strategy to get your content shared, it is going to be that much harder to get found online!

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