4 Experience Marketing Ideas For #Local Business

4 Experience Marketing Ideas For #Local Business
over 1 year ago

Sometimes its tough to figure out what to do. These ideas just might help you make some connections with other local business and grow.

Before We Start - A Lesson From History

Years ago, the local business worked together. They did. It sort of just always happened. They were always there for each other. There was something fun about going "into town" and strolling around.

What happened?

The experience stopped.

In the early days, the core of local businesses didn't have to contend with the experience of a big box store.  They effectively had a monopoly.  Downtown was always where it was at.  Then one day, malls came, box stores came, more parking came, more experience came and the small business owner became a deer in head lights.

Small business owners thought spending aggressively on low target mass marketing was the solution.  The problem was, the depth of connections they were making was low.

That was 30 years ago.

Now ironically, the malls are at the point where local business was years ago. They have new pressures on them. The experience they provide has to compete with an EVEN bigger experience. AMAZON!!

But our focus is the community business owner.  Passionate specialists in what they do.

Time to put your foot down LOCAL Biz!

It's time for community business to take back business.

How do you do that? Because we all know you can't compete on price!

It's about the EXPERIENCE.

4 Experience Marketing Ideas That Work!

1. Do it for charity!

We love the concept of LOCAL working together to support LOCAL charities.  Sometimes, just the thought of an entire LOCAL business group working together will entice consumers to support business.

Maybe a few times per year, a group of businesses could support a charity to both raise funds and educate the public on what it is the charity does.

Make it memorable.  Make T-Shirts with all of the participating sponsors. Have all the business owners hand out brochures about the charity.

Help the charity raise funds. 10% every purchase above $10 donated to charity X.  Wouldn't it be great if a running tally was kept and businesses could celebrate their good efforts.  THESE WIN WIN experiences are the best!!

2. The Outdoor Dining Experience

Many cities work hard to develop festivals and these festivals bring business. One really simple idea is to shut down the street for local food vendors.  In most towns, restaurants are equipped to bring some of their menu to an outdoor venue.

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What if you got 30 restaurants together and they created a "European" themed street cafe experience? This is another win-win as the restaurants get branding, but also the local retailers bring in more traffic to the streets. Better yet, make it an entire outdoor experience where all businesses have a "booth" for consumers to really get to know the people behind these experiences.

3. The Health Show

If 50 health businesses, each got together and each helped to entice 100 people to an event, the event would attract 5,000 people.  The organization of an event like this can take months.  But, with a coordinated attack, this could all be worthwhile.  Make the show fun.

  • Give away some knowledge
  • Give away some pens (Or Other Memorable Items) For example, the Optometrist could give away goofy eyeball glasses.
  • Bring in Health Food - People have to eat at these shows too.
  • Offer FREEBIES to educate the consumer on what you do.
  • Utilize the community for speakers.

4. The Car Show

Similar to the Outdoor Dining Experience, you may have noticed that cars attract people. The car enthusiasts, not only can provide your plaza or downtown with great content but, they can help draw a crowd too.

4 Experience Marketing Ideas For #Local Business

When planning a car show, don't forget to bring in the car dealers from town to show off their latest and greatest cars.  And of course a sprinkling of LOCAL restaurants also helps too.

What do these IDEAS have in common?

These ideas are all about a GROUP experience.  Not one business is doing this alone.  It takes the coordination of many to make these happen, but they work.

The second thing these ideas have in common is that they all need an online presence. Klusster enables groups to build a GROUP online presence fast.

If you are considering an online solution to reach people, we can help your group reach 20X the people currently by building a GROUP publication for your event or LOCAL experience.

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