All Local Business Should Use This Tool

All Local Business Should Use This Tool

Honestly, Google is NOT trying to rule the world.


We all know that business is trying to get found online.  So, if we as a business know what we are looking for, why not make is easy.

Google For Business is a tool....

That allows you to keep you organized.  Change of phone number, address, images etc... If people are looking for you, they can find YOU here.

Does this take away from Klusster eMagazine Solutions?

Not even close.

If a consumer knows how to find you, we want them to find you.  Everyone wins.  What if a consumer wants to find someone that can help them with their taxes, financial planning or their big wedding day? The likely do not search for your business immediately.  They want to be educated. The want to know you have passion for what you do!

Klusster allows you to educate your consumer about who you are. When you become part of a Klusster, or create your own Klusster, you become part of a network that will endorse you because they know about you and are willing to share your knowledge and passion.

We encourage...

Every single business to upload and create a listing in the LOCAL Google tool.

Participate in Paid Advertising: Google search has two pieces.  FREE and paid. Local Business might want to learn how to use adwords (The Paid Version) of search in addition to the FREE version of search. We happen to be specialists in the FREE version.  Need Help?: Click HERE To Drop Us A Line

Google Reviews: By using the google for business tool, you are getting the option to get reviews of how your business is doing. As a local business, don't be afraid of feedback.

Google Insights: Use Google insights to start you off with surveys and understand trends of search.

Bottom Line:

Google for business is a great place to start to help your business grow a tiny bit each day.

About Us:

Klusster Media has driven over 35 Million people through proper SEO. With an amazing service partner base, we help LOCAL businesses develop long term easy strategies to consistently drive more leads online.

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