Cure Your Addiction to Google...

Cure Your Addiction to Google...
about 4 years ago

...and at the exact same time improve your success on Google.

This one sounds like it might be too good to be true, right?

Not so.  With Klusster we can teach you how to get more traffic to your content, the exact same time improve your google positioning.

Klusster Marketing:

1) Allows you to easily publish content online

2) Allows groups to work together to increase visibility

3) Integrates easily with social media

4) Improves your SEO (Google Rankings)

All this in one complete and organized system.

Are you a local business owner?

Step #1 - Create your own eMagazine

By using Klusster for FREE, we give you all the tools to upload 2, 5, or 20 articles and then place those articles in a branded eMagazine.  Maybe you want to create a fashion magazine or a fitness magazine.  As long as you have great ideas and passion, you can build your own eMagazine with Klusster.

If you need any help whatsoever, Klusster or our Klusster Professional Partners can help you get started without breaking the bank.

By creating an eMagazine, you do many things.

  1. You improve the validation of your own website.
  2. You put your thoughts out for all to see about your true knowledge
  3. You have created something where a network of consumers that like what you have, can follow you and read your articles whenever they choose fast and easy.

Step #2 - Invite a fellow professional to join you in this eMagazine.

AKA Create a Klusster

For many, it's hard to come up with enough content to fill a magazine. For others it's easy.  But bringing in partners more than adds richness to the magazine and search. Bringing in partners increases the Social Media Reach.

By creating a Klusster, if you have strong social media skills you immediately double the reach of your eMag. By adding 3, 4, or even 10 good partners all of you can increase distribution together by 10 fold.

By creating a Klusster, you do many things.

  1. You develop good relationships with fellow businesses
  2. You increase the validity of your content. People sharing increases the validity
  3. You REDUCE the need for google search because your content is distributed by partners.
  4. You IMPROVE your search results for the content you have just written.