In this document, we are going to discuss a few ideas to get found on Google for Local Businesses. It's actually a pretty cool opportunity.

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Change the way you are thinking!

There are good search terms, and then there are good search terms that are really hard to win on google.

For this example, we are going to think outside the way you might be thinking to improve your SEO results.  So. You are a clothing store.  And my guess is that you are trying to get results for let's say "Women's Clothing"  Well, good luck.

It is still possible, but that is a generic search term.  And it has likely been exhausted with data on the Internet. In order for you to get that search term, you are likely going to have to create a directory of women's clothing stores and give yourself the top spot.  That's not your business. Is it?

So maybe there is a better way?

stop, trying to win the local search terms

Where we see huge opportunity for local business is to create content with a word or set of words that might be much, much, better but you didn't think of.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Instead of creating a page called Women's Clothing, why not create a page called "Ralph Lauren" or some other amazing brand that you carry. Simple right?

Sometimes, people are looking for BRANDS and right now, there is nowhere to find them. People in your community are searching for BRANDS you carry.

Google is amazing, they match someone from your hometown, looking for Ralph Lauren in your hometown.

So, if I am a clothing store, what am I doing? I am creating an eMagazine that allows me to capture some search terms of major brands that links to my Brand page on my website.

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Local Business? We can help you...

Klusster specializes in local SEO services. We work with clients, to PLAN their SEO, BUILD a strong foundation of content on their website and BOOST their organic search through links and endorsement.

When is comes to SEO, remember, people are looking for you. So let's get together and start to match what people are looking for with what you have to offer.

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