Munich to Innsbruck

Munich to Innsbruck

Not only is Innsbruck Beautiful, but it is affordable. Our drive from Munich in less than two hours. A perfect day.

Munich to Innsbruck

We entered Austria from Germany. After a day in Munich, we decided it was time to see some countryside and for some fresh air.  Destination Innsbruck.

What a drive. The Autobahn was a smooth ride from start to finish. We left Munich around 2 pm with very little traffic, and arrived in Innsbruck around 2 hours later. From the lakes south of Munich to the incredible vistas of Austria. Only 2 hours if you take the scenic route, Munich to Austria is such a simple option, experience a full day and then some. Be prepared to stop and take a few pictures, you may want to budget 2.5 hours to get from Munich to Innsbruck because of all of the Vistas.

What also struck us North Americans as interesting is that there were no customs at the border between Germany and Austria. Fine with us. Only added to the enjoyment of the trip.

see, munich, lake, views

Lake Walchensee on Route to Innsbruck

Rent A Car

We rented a car in the Munich Airport At AVIS and the staff were amazing. We ended up with a VW Tiguan. It was a great ride. Smooth and an excellent pace to keep up with the traffic on the Autobahn. Thanks VW.

volkswagen, tiguan

A great Ride by VW

Hotel Grauer Bar

We arrived at Hotel Grauer Bär (Shout Out To Them) and were struck by the modern, open, and friendly atmosphere. There are two elevators, West and East. We chose wrong and went up to the 5th floor and had to come back down again. But still, when we arrived at our room, we were not disappointed. At only $178 Canadian, thanks Expedia, we were pleased with the pricing.

innsbruck, hotel, grauer, bar

Downtown Innsbruck Shopping

No trip to Innsbruck is without its visit to the commons or downtown. A beautiful collection of small shops and restaurants, Innsbruck is so inviting and as we mentioned, affordable.  We might as well call it the ice cream test.  When two very reasonable ice creams are 3 Euros, you just can't go wrong. We also were able to find a few souvenirs to start the day. We bought T-Shirts at a totally reasonable 15 Euros, but the shopping in Innsbruck is incredible for everyone.

Medieval, buildings, innsbruck

Downtown Innsbruck Shopping

Innsbruck At Night

Finally, after some shopping and dinner in the commons at Orangerie Restaurant which was amazing, we walked along the river to some incredible views.

walk, innsbruck

As we finished our evening, we also were treated to a world class symphony in the downtown historical district of Innsbruck. The sounds that filled the air were indeed as beautiful as the scenery. The Innsbruck Promenade concerts are sure to bring you incredible joy while in town.

symphony, classical, downtown, innsbruck

Thank You Munich To Innsbruck

As your Bucket List unfolds, a very low stress option we highly recommend is the drive from Munich to Innsbruck.  A delightful day, and beautiful scenes all around. We have only shown you a taste of what you can enjoy, but check this one off, because you will not be disappointed.

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