Hey #localbusiness - 6 Reasons We Don't Catch Fish (Customers)

Hey #localbusiness - 6 Reasons We Don't Catch Fish (Customers)

Marketing your business is like fishing. It takes thought, patience and time.

6 Reasons We Don't Catch Fish (Customers)

1) You can't catch a fish if you don't leave the house

So, you want to get new business but you don't want to leave your office? If you want to catch a fish, you have to get up off your couch.  Well, you could play a video game about catching a fish on your couch, but that's not the same experience.

We are human beings for goodness sake. If you are running a business, get out there, network, meet people, look them in the eye, and let them hear the passion for your business.

2) You can't catch a marlin with a tiny fishing rod.

It would be great to get a beauty fish wouldn't it?  But to catch a Marlin, you have to get up early, prepare the boat, prepare the bait, and you have to find one.

Getting clients is like catching a marlin, you need to know your stuff and you need to be really prepared when you come across that really big fish.

Being new to your business, is like having a small fishing rod.  There is no question you have the smarts to help big fish, but when you start your business, the reality is you pretty much start from scratch. Fishing (Marketing) takes time, building business takes time.

And just like catching a fish, you will get your lucky breaks just by showing up.

3) The obvious: You can't catch fish without the right bait

Messaging is important, pricing is important. Clarity is important. It's JUST NOT a question of throwing any lure out there and hoping you get a bit.  It takes time to understand the pricing and messaging that you are getting across.  This bait, is often not perfectly prepared in the early days.

Rest easy. Many business owners price and reprice, write and rewrite messages before they get the bait completely right.

marketing, like, catching a fish
FISHING (MARKETING) Takes thought, patience and time.

4) No matter how good the bait, you need to have hungry fish.

The reality is we are exposed close to 5,000 ads a day. If we as consumers reacted to every single ad, we would spend possibly millions of dollars each day. WE JUST DON'T buy everything we see even if we want it.

The reality is, you can do all of your homework, advertise in the perfect spot, to the perfect prospect, and they don't bite.  Somedays the fish just are not hungry.

5) You can't catch a fish without passion and patience.

There must be a sixth sense in people and in fish. Those that are having the least fun, seem to never catch a fish. Do you love what you do?

People are equally smart. On a day that you are delivering your message, if you are not "loving" what you are doing, it shows in the presentation.  Additionally, if you are showing signs of panic, the customer can read that too.

The reality here is that if you are not showing passion, or showing signs of desparation, you aren't catching any new customers today.

It's really tough to fool people too. If you believe in what you are offering, fish will come.

I always site the example of a friend of mine.  I remember watching Seinfeld with him one day.  I kid you not, this was the 4th or 5th time he saw that episode. I never saw someone laugh so hard.  You just couldn't help but want a little more Seinfeld after that.  He wasn't selling me anything, but he did!

6) You can't catch a fish without pulling it it.

AKA the close.  Did you know that if a customer asks you how much, you have got them right then and there.  They have listened to you and as long as you have truly figured out your value, this fish is yours.  All it takes is that final piece.

Client: "How Much"

You: "I suggest for you, version A. It is $X/mth. From there we can decide over time other options for you."

Client:  "Great, Let's Get Started"

We love marketing...Catch your marlin!

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