The Marketers Club eMagazine: OFFICIAL LAUNCH Mar 7th, 2017

The Marketers Club eMagazine: OFFICIAL LAUNCH Mar 7th, 2017
over 3 years ago

Join a group of 20+ professionals from around the globe working together and sharing thoughts and stories on marketing, social, coaching and more.

We are...

...The Marketers Club; a growing group of marketing professionals & coaches that have decided to work together to provide more people more great content.

By working together...

...our group combines our collective social influence and we all reach more people with our messaging.


1. Are a marketer (Social, Content, Strategic, Creative) - All Good

2. You believe in education and rich content marketing.

2. Want your message to reach more readers.

3. Want to work together with 20-30 Marketers around the globe.

How does this work?

You truly believe in social media, and you believe in content marketing.

The Marketers Club eMagazine  allows us to work as a group to syndicate more articles and reach people than we ever could working alone.

As we all know, Content Marketing not only makes a good impression on future clients, but also, search engines.

There is no cost to joining The Marketers Club, but all group members are expected to share articles they find interesting.

We invite you (marketers) to join a powerful group and syndicate your brilliant ideas to more people around the globe.

What will you do?

1. Syndicate 1 or 2 piece of content per month.

2. Share good content from The Marketers Club eMagazine

What will we ALL do?

1. 40-50 Marketing Professionals will share each others content to 1000s.

That's It!


2. Oh...And once you sign up. To Create an article? HERE

3. And...To Add it to the Marketers Club syndicate? HERE

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