Buzy As A Bee

Buzy As A Bee
almost 3 years ago

Multi Tasking - Focus - Marketing - The reality is simple: every day you need to be marketing, and every day is busy.

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Busy Like A Bee - Educate yourself to reduce the buzz.

From the Klusster - Market Like An Animal

So, you are going to market your business? And you are busy running it? In this day and age, there is lots going on. New technology, customer service, marketing, accounting, and more. We have news for you, if you are the owner, it's likely not going to change.

But as a bee you have to determine how to best allocate your time.

There seems to be a transition these days from traditional media to new media. And new media currently requires some education. Whether you decide to outsource the management or not, we highly suggest you take the time to educate yourself on available medias, so you can participate in guiding your strategy. Doing this, will increase your BEE-NESS

We highly suggest you spend time learning, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Klusster, Pinterest and more. So for a period of time you are going to feel like you are pulled in multiple directions. But you will never regret taking some time to learn the value of these medias.


In addition to the new media opportunities, there is likely a change going on in how you market your business.  Consumers are more sophisticated.  They get to do much more research than what was available in a phone book ad.  Since this is the case, not only is your business competing but your marketing is also competing.

Think Like A Consumer

While you are being busy like a bee, you now have another task. WRITING

1) People are looking for you online

2) Google is the place of choice

3) Google wants you to make an effort.

When someone goes to google looking for anything, its now up to Google to determine where to send this person. How does google differentiate between two pieces of content? Click here to find out!

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