Market Like A Pesky Little Racoon

Market Like A Pesky Little Racoon
about 4 years ago

In North America, everyone know that a raccoon can be one of the most, how shall we say, pesky of pests, but let's face it, that peskiness leads to success.

Market Like A Pesky Little Raccoon

From the Klusster - Market Like An Animal

When it comes to marketing your business, we feel we should look to nature to provide us inspiration. In this article, we take a twist on the pesky raccoon.

There are many traits that make the raccoon successful. What sticks with us most is the raccoons ability to rarely quit.  Sometimes a raccoon will take weeks to accomplish their task of breaking into a house or getting into some garbage.

With tremendously agile front paws, the raccoon grinds hard and pulls at what it can to achieve the task.  We are not saying you should be crossing any lines, but the resilience required in marketing your business certainly doesn't happen over night.

If you are going to market your business like an animal, and in this case like a raccoon, giving up is the worst possible route.  It's pretty hard to succeed when you stop.

Think Like A Consumer

Why?  We always ask you to think like a consumer.  There is often a disconnect between marketers expectations and how a consumer works.

Consumers require consistent messaging.  In some businesses, like restaurants, people are willing to give it a try, but think about your business, what element of trust needs to be developed before someone will buy from you? How long does trust take?

Having a mindset like a raccoon will set you up for less disappointment.  A business like wealth management may have a sales cycle of years.  One advertisement in a newspaper will NEVER cut it for most businesses.

Raccoons are known to be intelligent too.  It is said that they can remember the solution to a problem for years. So...When you are remembering this article, hopefully you will remember it for a few years and maintain the skill of peskiness when growing your business.