Ride At Least A Dozen Coasters

Ride At Least A Dozen Coasters
about 3 years ago

Thrill seekers & roller coaster enthusiasts thrive on the ultimate adventure - here are 5 coasters to put on your BUCKET LIST!!

1. The Outlaw Run

Second Fastest Wood Coaster On The Planet!!

Outlaw Run ROller Coaster

Coaster Score 10/10!

Height Score:10 Thrill Score:10 Speed Score:10

Outlaw Run gut-wrenching ride where your always on the lookout incase of an ambush along the way! Outlaw Run is the the second fastest wooden roller coaster in the world at speeds of 68 miles per hour and ranks #7 on the list of the World's Top 50 Wood Coasters! Soar through the Ozark Mountains on the only wooden roller coaster to twist upside down three times and world’s first and only double barrel roll on a wooden coaster, with a 720-degree (double) barrel roll. Your adreneline will be rushing on Outlaw Run thrill ride! Roller coaster lovers who ride Outlaw Run can check this off their Bucket List! : Height Requirement: 48"

Outlaw Run Website

silver dollar city

Youtube POV

Silver Dollar City Attractions


2.  The Cyclone

Ride The American Legend The Cyclone!

roller coaster


Height Score:9.5 Thrill Score:10 Speed Score:9

YouTube POV: The Cyclone

Coaster Force

Your heart pumping at every turn at every turn when you ride The Cyclone it has been thrilling New Yorkers for over 80 years!! With 2,640 feet of track including 6 fan turns and 12 drops with the highest at 85 feet. There are 5 turns, The Cyclone top speed is 60 mph all in ride time one min 50 seconds.

Web: The Cyclone

Height requirement 54"

Ride At Least A Dozen Coasters

3.  Lightning Racer

World's 1st Wooden Racing/Dueling Coaster! Lightning Racer


Lightning Racer TOTAL SCORE 9/10

Height Score:8 Thrill Score:10 Speed Score:9

YouTube POV: Lightning Racer

Hersey Park

Hersheypark unique Lightining Racer wooden dueling roller coaster Riders have several decisions to make front or back on either Lightning or Thunder the names of the trains. Buckle up the race is about to begin with thrills of near misses as your adrenaline escalates! Your dueling and racing on the tangled track offering a unique ride experience right to the finish line! Lightning Racer has more than a 1 million board feet of Southern Yellow Pine a real classic.

roller coaster

Web: Lightning Racer

Height requirement 48"

4.  Apollo's Chariot

One Of The Top 10 Steel Coasters In The World

busch gardens roller coaster

Apollo's Chariot: TOTAL SCORE 8.5/10

Height Score:8 Thrill Score:9 Speed Score:8

YouTube POV: Apollo's Chariot

Busch Gardens® Williamsburg VA

One of the mightiest coasters of all time Apollo's Chariot soars at 73 mph with mind bending climbs to 170 feet before a breathtaking dropping 210 feet. Roller coaster enthusiasts return to ride Apollo's Chariot year after year an all time fan favorite as one of the top ten steel roller coasters in the world!

busch gardens

Web: Apollo's Chariot

Ride requirements 52" or higher.

5.  Batman The Dark Knight

Batman Fierce Speeds & Blood Pumping Flips

six flags

Batman The Dark Knight: TOTAL SCORE 8.5/10

Height Score:9 Thrill Score:8 Speed Score:8

UTUBE POV: Batman The Dark Knight

Six Flags New England

Fly Like a Bat. We Provide the Wings! You feel like the Super Hero The ultimate caped crusader BATMAN: The Dark Knight as you zoom down 2,850 feet of track at a nail biting 55-mile-per-hour with before you encounter 360 degree loop just before fully inverted roll then a second inversion – a hardcore dive loop that has you twisting down halfway through for a breathtaking 180 degree reversal. Roller coaster lovers who ride Batman The Dark Knight can check this off their Bucket List!

six flags

Ride requirements 54"

Web: Batman The Dark Knight

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