How Long Should An Article or Post Be?

How Long Should An Article or Post Be?
over 3 years ago

You want to get into content marketing and better SEO and you want to know how much you should write to develop a reputation on Google?

How Much Should I Write?

I love answering a question with a question.

How much would you like to read?

This means, if you were reading an article written by you, how much could you handle?  As a rule of thumb, each article should try to get 1 maybe 2 points across.  Of course in many cases, you might be writing stories or otherwise and they take longer to build a plot.

The other issue is that some people learn by words, some by images. So, you may want to find a balance between visual learners and audible learners.

This is 2017, so many of us want to learn, but we want to learn fast.

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How Much Should I Write Hints

Don't Forget!!!

As much as the content in your post is valuable, so is the STRUCTURE of your post.  Applications and businesses like KlussterYoast help people improve the structure of a piece of content.

It's not just about the words, It's about the images, the title, It's about writing an article that people are searching for and doing it well.

Klusster Media Helps business get found online. We have been fortunate enough to reach 30,000,000 people through content creation and we now can help you.  Don't forget, SEO (Search Engine Optimization is COMMON SENSE)

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How Long Should An Article or Post Be?