Your Content Marketing 365 Day Resolution

Your Content Marketing 365 Day Resolution
over 3 years ago

Repeat After Me: "If I want to engage with people online, I have to engage in creating content online!"

Take this article for instance...

You are reading my resolution right now. I have made a pact with myself to write ONE  marketing or content marketing piece per week over the next year.

Why? I want to get found by more people online.

That is 52 articles.  How long do I plan to write for on each article?  30-45 mins.

20-35 mins to write, 5 mins to add the pretty and 5 mins for social sharing.

That's it.

I love marketing and I love communicating.  It's what I do to engage with you.

How do you engage with your clients?

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I have come up with 3 reasons for this brief article why you should write and why writing one article per week is good for your business.

1) Writing provides you with strategic insight to your business.  Even if you write and ZERO people read your article, writing will guide you in your business development. Writing will help define your focus. I guarantee it.  It's even OK if you go back and fine tune your articles.  Most of us don't get it right the first time. (Top Secret)

2) Writing develops connections.  Whether you write a full on story and someone gets so emotionally moved that they buy your story and your product on the first read, or they get a little closer to the value you what you offer, if you don't connect, you wont connect.

If you don't take a shot in sports, chances are you don't score.  If you don't put one foot out there you won't move forward.  Writing and getting out online takes you away from HOPING to ENGAGING.

3) Writing establishes you as a source online.  Knowledge is valuable and in more ways than one.  Through writing, GOOGLE starts to see you more. They can't help but notice you love what you do, and they also can't help but notice that their users (Searchers) are looking for what you are providing.

As Google starts to see you taking yourself seriously by writing, they start to take you seriously.

Content Marketing is the future.

Sure, we love this glitz and glam of a nice black car and the husband and wife stepping out in style marketing, but as consumers, we are getting savvy and we need more than glitz, glam to engage us to make a buying decision.

We need depth of content to truly part with our money.

Think about how long it took you to learn what you know, and how much you have inside your head ready to engage with your new client base.

Give them a taste. 52 pieces of content in the next year.

Can you do it?

Can you find a way to write 1 article or provide 1 piece of content per week for the next 52 weeks?  But Make It Good though, Because the Internet is Broken.