Ok, just one Google SEO Tip - AutoSuggest

Ok, just one Google SEO Tip - AutoSuggest
over 3 years ago

As you know, I believe strongly in SEO being common sense. But this one TIP will save you time!

The quickest google tip ever!

This won't take long.  Not long at all.

I hear this all the time... "What do I write about?"

The answer is painfully obvious...

You write about what people are searching for!

Before you write an article and have an idea. Spend 2 Minutes (Just 2) with Google Search and their Auto Suggest in search.

Complete these two steps:

1) Type in what you think might be a good topic or title for content in google search and watch how google starts to give you suggestions and ideas as to what people are looking for... Here is GOOGLE

e.g. Changing A Flat Tire, City, State. (TRY A BUNCH OF IDEAS)

2) See how many dedicated pieces of content come up for what you have searched?

3) If there are not many, that might be a great article title :) If there are too many, you may want to search further in Google Auto Suggest.

Here are some articles that help you understand Auto Suggest

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