How to Create Internal Links in WordPress for SEO?

How to Create Internal Links in WordPress for SEO?

Internal linking is one of the most undervalued elements by webmasters and those who hire content writers.

In SEO, what is internal linking?

Internal links are connections that connect one blog post or page to another within the same domain. Internal links assist search engines in successfully crawling the pages. It also aids in the transfer of link juice from one page to another.

Internal linking in WordPress: The golden rule of internal linking is that pages should be contextually relevant.

  • Internal anchor text links should be used wherever possible.
  • After each post, there can be Related Posts and Popular Posts in the sidebar or below the content.

Identifying pages with a low number of internal links (both incoming and outgoing)

Pages with low Incoming links

Identifying sites with the fewest internal connections is the best place to start enhancing your internal links. There should be at least 1-to 2 internal links on every page (referenced from other pages).

If you're using WordPress, the Linkwhisper plugin can help you locate pages with a low number of incoming internal links.

We can also use the site audit capability of the SEMRUSH application.

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How can you identify which pages have the fewest outgoing internal links?

We'll be using Yoast premium for this. Yoast SEO Premium may also help you find pages with a low number of inbound internal links (I discovered that while writing this section).

Enable the text link counter option in the Yoast > Tools section, then navigate to the posts edit portion of the dashboard, where all your blog entries are listed.

You'll see two new columns here, one for outgoing internal links and the other for incoming internal links to the post.

After you've identified posts with a low number of incoming or outgoing internal links, you've completed half of your work.

From here on, you should concentrate on updating your posts to strengthen your blog's general link structure.