Klusster for Marketers

Klusster for Marketers
about 1 year ago

Step by step instructions on how to build a Klusster with new or existing clients.

Hello Marketers!

We are so excited you are considering using Klusster to help grow your marketing business.

This article will provide you the guidance and MINDSET to best develop a Klusster Network and amazing recurring revenue stream.

Step#1 Underdand What A Klusster Is.

Remember this...A Klusster is a GROUP of businesses that JOIN FORCES together to create a network and publication for the benefit of all.

The NUMBER ONE rule of building a Klusster Network and publication is NOT an advertising sale. You are building a network with a group of businesses.

These businesses are the heart and soul of the success, but even so, these businesses function best when guided by a strong marketing professional, YOU!

If your clients feel like MEMBERS where their efforts contribute to the success of the GROUP, you will most certainly build an incredible network and recurring revenue stream.

Watch The Video If you haven't yet :)

It's about working together

Step #2 Ready to build a Klusster? Start with research.

When you build a Klusster Community Publication remember, this publication is powered by a group.  Since it's powered by the group, why not ask the potential group members what they would like to see in their future publication.

When Healthy Life Burlington was formed, local businesses were part of the formation and felt like founders.

Be confident in your ideas, but accepting input is also valuable.

The early adopters provide you with the momentum and referrals to develop 25-30 business client members.

Step #3 Define The Publication

In a sentence or two, you should be able describe the vision to potential members of your new group.

E.g. Healthy Life Burlington is a community of local health businesses that participate together to build and distribute an online health publication to educate more local residents.

Step #4 Establish Membership Pricing

We have worked hard to develop a program where businesses are "lifetime" members of the network.  Businesses pay us between $139 and $319 per month to maintain membership to a network and publication.

Please note: If a business does not have adequate social media to help distribute the publication, we usually require $59-$79 more per month to augment distribution.

Step #5 Develop The Script & Marketing Material

What We Say? "Hi There. I wanted to to introduce to you "Healthy Nashville" - "Healthy Nashville" is a different kind of local publication and network powered by the community businesses. On DATE, about 25 local businesses will be launching a brand new ONLINE publication targeting people interested in a healthy lifestyle.

We would love it if you joined us.

It's important to commit to a LAUNCH date because all businesses require a sense of urgency to commit.

3 benefits our clients find Intriguing

1) They like that you are building a community of businesses. Most local businesses want to work with more local businesses, but just don't know how.

An equally important benefit of your program is that members will develop a new local business referral network.

2) The businesses like they will reach 1000s of targeted consumers. Businesses know that 1 targeted lead can often be more valuable than 1000s of random leads. With your publication virtually all traffic to a client's content will be targeted.

A successful Klusster generates around 5000-10,000 content views per client per year.

3) The businesses like to hear that by participating in the publication, they will start to improve their strength in search engines.  Not only do your clients reach more customers direct, but they benefit from being stronger in SEO by creating strong referred content.

Step #6 - Get out there and meet people.

The "Membership Rate" is about 75%, but unless you introduce yourself or ask for referrals, you are not going to have much fun building this network.

Step #7 - Understand the resources.

When you create a publication, the VAST majority of clients require you to create their content.  Gathering the data for a monthly piece of content takes some time to put together. Just understand that in your pricing and time commitments.

Our Klussters have 4 main components to GROUP success.

  1. Each Klusster requires community management.
  2. About 80-90% of your clients will require your company to do the content for them. Make sure you have a strong content development system to FEED your publication.
  3. We make sure that each business knows that distributing through the cooperative social medial is required for the success. If business do not socially share the publication, they will be required to add additional funds for distribution.
  4. We get together as a group to introduce, educate and collaborate.

How do we know all of the above?

We have seen it in action...

In July 2016, using Klusster,  a group of 25 local health professionals, with the help of a local marketer, got together and used Klusster to create the Healthy Waterloo Region eMagazine. Now, those 20+ businesses (and growing) have their content read a collective 100,000+ times each year.

Sound Interesting?

With Klusster, we have been fortunate to not only build a recurring revenue stream with our Community Publications, but these relationships also lead to managing new social media clients and building new websites.

Marketers Start Your Engines!

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