5 Keys to Building A Strong #publication - with Klusster!

5 Keys to Building A Strong #publication - with Klusster!

You have decided to build a publication with a group. Online or offline, planning your publication is absolutely imperative.

Building A Strong Publication

5 Key Ingredients.

Building a publication with Klusster is guided by the mantra that "many hands make light work."

Although Klusster can help you assemble & distribute a group publication, it is still important to think through some detail before you launch.

We have identified 5 key ingredients from planning to execution you might want to consider to building a successful publication.

KEY # 1

Plan, Plan Plan your publication.

When you build an eMagazine with a group, Key 1 is take the time to: 1) define your Brand,  2) understand the target audience, and 3) the type of content your tight group can add to create the biggest impact.

Remember, whatever publication you build, you are going to want people to value it enough to want to enjoy it again and again.

Think about the regular contributions, the types of articles and the promotions that may or may not be in the publication.

You will know you have done a good job in this area as your publication consistently generates engagement.

Key #2

You will want to work with partners that also equally love what they do.

Building a group publication should not feel like a chore. By working with others that have a passion for what they do, your readers are in for an incredible treat.

Passion will transfer to the reader and the reader will likely share your enthusiasm with others through sharing your content. Where the danger lies is when you are working with business owners that are going through the motions.

Owning a business, building a business is meant to be fun.

Being part of a group publication should also be fun.

It is 100% important that your publication members feel like part owners of the publication, NOT ADVERTISERS!

Key #3

Set the standards for consistent distribution.

The best way to get a magazine read is to send it out. Klusster has all the tools to increase distribution.

When each member of your publication are consistently sharing it's possible that 5,000 or 10,000 people or more can be brought to the magazine in a month.

Consistent Rules.

Klusster makes it easy for a group to work together, however, your RULE system on distribution is imperative. e.g. each member must distribute 200 pieces of content per month.

Note: With local publications, it is IMPERATIVE that businesses are rewarded in some reduced cost fashion the more they share. This increases distribution significantly.

We can discuss with you the pricing models that have worked well for us.

Key #4

You need a leader.

Whether you are building a publication with 2 members or 20, leadership will improve consistency of reach and engagement.

Digital marketers are an incredible choice to provide you value add. They will ensure the strategy is met, the distribution rules are followed and can help businesses be better marketers. Their role in communication to the group is worth their weight in gold.

Key # 5

You will want consistency

A back to basics mentality always works.  If your publication has 25 members, each member should have new content within the publication on a regular basis.

From a sharing point of view, if each member shares 2 pieces of content a week and shares the publication 1 time a week, your distribution will be very strong.

Consistent sharing, consistent writing is Key 5

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