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5 Keys to Building A Strong Klusster Publication

Working together has great advantages, but only when the entire team buys in do we see the greatest success.

5 Keys to Building A Strong Klusster Publication

Building A Strong Klusster - 5 Key Ingredients.

Building a Klusster follows that mantra that many hands make light work. So to build a Klusster eMagazine, your ingredients are very simple. Many hands working together.

Key 1

You want to build an eMagazine that people love.

When you build an eMagazine with a group, Key 1 is take the time to define your Klusster, understand the target audience and the type of content a tight group can add to create the biggest impact. Remember, whatever publication you build, you are going to want people to value it enough to want to get it again and again.  This is how a true audience will form.

Key 2

You will want to work with partners that also equally love what they do.

Klusstering should not feel like a chore. By working with others that have a passion for what they do, your readers are in for an incredible treat.

Passion will transfer to the reader and the reader will likely share your enthusiasm with others. Where the danger lies is when you are working with business owners that are going through the motions.  Owning a business, building a business is meant to be fun.

Key 3

You want to build an eMagazine that get’s read.

The best way to get a magazine read is to send it out. Key 3 is to build your a Klusster of team players. When 20-30 businesses each are social media team players and share regularly with their social followers, it’s not unlikely that 10,000 or 15,000 people or more can be brought to the magazine in a month.

Pretty good. And everyone does so, because they want to. If done right, the network brings more than an individual can alone.

Key 4

You want to have fun.

Business is meant to be fun. Remember why you do what you do. Sure you can be stretched in a 1000 directions, but, taking time to have fun and let people know you love what you do, is infectious. Key 4 is to have fun. Having fun is guaranteed to show up in the quality of the eMagazine.

Key 5

You will want consistency

A back to basics mentality always works.  If your Klusster has 30 members, everyone just has to write one piece of content a month to keep it fresh and valuable.  Read your partners content and share once a day or twice a week. It doesn't take much to get more exposure. Consistent sharing, consistent writing is Key 5

ONE LAST HINT: Get a strong Klusster Community Manager. With a strong personality or coach,  a group of businesses can combine their resources together and develop a very powerful group and get some very cost effective marketing services.

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