CASE STUDY: The Business Owner

CASE STUDY: The Business Owner

Leverage what you already have and grow your visibility on the web.

It's hard to go it alone.

We totally understand how hard it is to run a business.  Often, business owners are spread thin and are left with the pressure to build the business and take care of the staff, before they take care of themselves.

Time To Take Care Of The Business First

Your company has everything you need to get found MORE online.

By building a publication with Klusster, you can bring all of your resources together, get the help of your team to drive more business to the entire company.

If 5 staff & social media pros were able to drive 500 people a month to an online destination (Publication), your company would generate 5,000+ new exposures each month to people wanting to learn more about you.

You want to reach more people? What do you need?

  1. A love for your business.
  2. A love for your business community.
  3. A love to let people know what you do.
  4. A staff with some level of social media connection.
  5. A desire to get found more online.

If this is you, Klusster can help.

It's time to build YOUR branded publication with Klusster!

Case Study:

The Problem: A local spa wasn't getting the leads they wanted online.

The Solution: They built their own branded publication

The Results:

  1. Over 10,000 content referrals on Klusster and a 500% increase in ORGANIC search to their website.
  2. A 500% increase in ORGANIC search to their website.
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In order to get found online, you need to consistently be online.

Google requires you to continuously create NEW CONTENT so they can hear your business has a pulse. If you REALLY & TRULY want to get found online, you must not only create content, you MUST have a DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY.

With Klusster...

CASE STUDY: The Business Owner

It's That Easy!