Why Klusster?

Why Klusster?
over 3 years ago

We created Klusster for a reason....And it all started with Sailing...

So basically...

We started to observe the ridiculous amount of time we traveled from website to website looking for information on sailing.

Not sure about you, but we are not ones to waste time.

We realized for the most part, when looking for quality information, it was either 1) out there and hard to find, or 2) it was nowhere to be found.

What we wanted was simple...

We wanted to find an online magazine COLLECTIVELY written by all of the incredible Sailing Charter companies around the world so that we could read stories about sailing in their destinations.  We wanted a magazine written by the LOCALS, talking about the LOCAL restaurants, the LOCAL hide away destinations around the islands we might sail.  And we wanted it all in one place.

What we didn't want was also simple...

We didn't want to find a sailing magazine where it was defined by a publisher and the stories were written by writers (Albeit Talented). We wanted to hear the stories from the business owners themselves because to us, these are the real people in the know.

In this day and age, why not?

When we undertook some research, we did realize that many of the destinations we considered sailing to, were rich with LOCAL businesses that had incredible knowledge and could tell us exactly what we wanted to know. This information just wasn't organized they way we wanted. It wasn't all together.

We had to do the research...

So we asked one simple question?

What if  businesses were able to tell their real stories, provide real information, all in one place? Not just sailing companies. ALL LOCAL business?

This is when Klusster the concept of Klusster was formed.

When we kept on digging, we combined our skill of being able to drive traffic with the REAL NEEDS of the business owners.

We also realized that most business owners want to tell their stories just like we wanted them too. They were also frustrated that there just no place to do this. In some cases, they tried alone with a blog or two, but reaching significant people was hard.

At the very least, they were frustrated with the current options.

Enter Klusster!

Klusster allows groups of businesses (anywhere in the world) locally, globally to get together, reduce their cost of marketing and build incredibly powerful and useful eMagazines to deliver to thousands of people that really want them.

And it turns out...

Not only does Klusstering with groups of businesses work, but it also makes businesses better at communicating to us...and improve their ability to get found online.  Who knew?

There is tremendous logic to Klusstering online.  Both for the business owner and the consumer...

It's time to get together.  All of us!

Klusster is so much more..Klusstering makes us better marketers, It makes us think of the messages we are trying to get across.  It helps every business structure their content better and create more content to better be found in search.

Should you Klusster?