Klusster Application Pricing

Klusster Application Pricing
almost 2 years ago

Pay as you grow your local business or online marketing agency with Klusster.

Klusster Pricing

Try Us FREE and Then Pay As You Grow.

1. Create A Portfolio Of Content absolutely FREE

Use Klusster to upload your amazing content to:

  1. Improve your SEO by linking to your web content.
  2. Get new followers of your content. Automated eMail system built in FREE for followers.
  3. Create promotional content with the CALL TO ACTION feature to offer followers incentives.
  4. Ready your content to contribute to a group publication and BIGGER content distribution.

2. Move your content from your portfolio into a Klusster Publication

When you decide to build a Klusster GROUP publication, you can assemble a group of 2, 5, 10 or even 50 contributors. By assembling a group as little as 2, you unlock the true power of Klusster.

Klusster Publication Features

  • The Group Sharing Engine turns ON - When you contribute your portfolio content into a group, you AUTOMATICALLY become part of a powerful distribution system. Where group members get more exposure, the more they work to the benefit of the group.
  • Team Sharing Engine turns ON - Add your staff, and your social media professionals so your group sharing is magnified by a team.
  • Group Stats System turns ON - At the heart of your GROUP is a network of team players.  Our stats system makes it easy to see which members are working together for the benefit of all.
  • AD Removal in ALL Group Publications - Once you create the GROUP publication, all ADS are removed and all eyes are on the group.

Get Started - FREE

Try Us - Build a GROUP publication absolutely FREE and distribute 5,000 pages to understand the power of Klusster.

Pay As You Grow

Create A Group Publication

Monthly Hosting Fees $19.95 Flat + $1.95 for each additional member.