Klusster Updates

Klusster Updates
over 2 years ago

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What's New? - Jan 15th 2018

We are approaching 1000 users of Klusster.  We are excited to hit that milestone. With users, of course, we get feedback.  Our goal is to continually develop the best PEER Publication platform so that communities everywhere can deliver more messages and engage deeper with a larger audience.

Below are some updates that help us achieve this goal.

1) Subscribe vs Follow - We have thought long and hard about this feature.  As we are building quality publications, we want to make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your publications.

How Does It Work?

A user can subscribe to a publication and get 1 weekly eMail of your publication. If a users subscribes to more than one publication hosted on Klusster they still will get 1 eMail.  The subscription eMail is sent each Wednesday at 1PM

Please NOTE: This feature is executed automatically for you. You won't forget to send out an eMail to your subscribers! Just keep creating great content!

Klusster is attempting to REDUCE the number of messages users receive. As we roll out into other APP BASED systems, we will give users more choice on frequency.

What's important to note about this is 1, We are not a social media network, we are a PEER publication network. Keep your content fresh!

2) No ADS - We started looking at ALL of the publications around the world and the streaming of Google Ads and other content that takes the reader to POP Culture content we felt WAS NOT in the best interest of our users.

Your publication can still have "ADS" however, it must be as content within the publication.  If you host a successful publication with Klusster, you will be charged for only the success of your publication.  We have build a strong application and our users are more than happy to pay to have the focus on their content.  See pricing.

3) Like This? - Our members producing content wanted easier evidence of engagement.  As consumers, we don't always want to engage FULL ON.  The Like This? tool now allows content creators and publication managers to engage easier with readers.

Subsequently, you will now see if users value your content through a score system.  Our research on the Netflix 5 Star system and Google Ratins system show that this simple tool will increase engagement.  Readers DO NOT have to be members for you to receive feedback.

An important part of this tool is that both the publisher and the content creator will receive feedback. ONLY the content publisher will receive the contact information.

Klusster wants the publications hosted by our platform to continually improve and this feedback will add strong intelligence.

What do you think of this tool?

Give us feedback on the "Like This?" Tool, No ADS and subscribe features tool at the top or bottom of every piece of content.  We want to hear from you!