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SEO 101

To improve Search Engine Optimization(SEO), you need two basic things: 1) content that is easy to understand. 2) Validation of that content.

SEO 101

The Results:

Below is a graph of a client that was part of a Klusster group publication. Notice, how their ORGANIC SEARCH improved when they decided to join a local Klusster publication...

Before January 2018:  Average 75 monthly organic search leads.

After joining the publication: Average  266 monthly organic search leads

seo, improves, with sharing

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SEO 101a - Easy To Understand.

1) Easy To Understand By Google - If you write a piece of content on "teeth whitening" the goal for you is to make it clear for Google that this content is about "teeth whitening".  That's it.

One topic for each piece of content. Complete and well organized.

If you start talking about the best toothbrushes in a teeth whitening article, you are going to confuse Google because their algorithms are not sure what you really want to get found for? "Teeth Whitening" or "Best Toothbrushes"?

Bottom Line:  When you want to assemble good content for Google, have a goal to be reached for 1 single search phrase.

There are MANY more criteria that affect search engines. However, for SEO 101, if we can start with writing for just 1 topic or search term, we are in good shape.

2) Easy To Understand By The Reader - When you write clean, easy to understand content and the reader wants to share the content or reach out to you, you have done an excellent job.

One of the most important factors in SEO is that people are sharing your content because they value it. If they value it and share it, it is implied must have good content.

Bottom Line: Make it easy to understand, as that will be easy to share.

SEO 101b - Validation Of The Content

Validation is the natural progression to the first section of this article where you are making your content easy to understand. There are two ways you can be validated.

1) Tier 1 Validation - If you are a local dentist, and you write an article in your website, blog or an online publication about "teeth whitening" and you have 100s of other local dentists or health professionals referencing that article, that is extremely powerful.

A direct referral of your content is a strong way to improve your SEO.  This is why you may have been contacted to place someones article within yours for a reference.

In this case, this is Tier 1 validation of that article. If someone searches Teeth Whitening in your community and you have that many other LOCAL endorsements, you are surely going to be appreciated by search engines.

2) At the same time, this article is getting Tier 1 Validation, the links inside this article or content are getting what we like to refer to as Tier 2 validation.

Don't by having your links in articles that get shared is also valuable.

This is another form of content validation and your SEO can improve. Its sort of like you will increase the chances of a meal getting eaten in a restaurant because the restaurant was recommended. Read: The Importance Of Second Tier Links

One thing we don't know for sure for SEO is what's a more powerful endorsement. 10 Tier 1 referrals or 50 indirect or Tier 2 referrals.  The Algorithms to determine this are complex.  This is why we keep it really simple. Write good content.

Bottom Line:  Although maybe people don't reference your website, references to content that link to your website are also very powerful.

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