The Math Behind Klusster

Such a simple concept. Working together. There is a reason why community, networks and rock bands work. They just make sense.

The Math Behind Klusster

Why You Might Consider A Klusster

When you think of your online marketing, you are immediately tasked with getting 1000s of followers.

To do this on your own, is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Your company may have 300-400 customers. Why is it fair to expect that you can have 3000-4000 followers?

The only way for this to truly and authentically happen is for you to build a true media publication. And you run a company, not a media publication.

As humans, we simply don't have the capacity to follow 1000 or 2000 companies that we might be interested in doing business with.

However, we legitimately do have people interested in what we have to say. We do have an influence. So do your fellow business owners.

What If?

What if a bunch of business each did a small part and it added up to a lot?

What if each of you realized, that a shopping plaza is successful because a group of businesses work together to reduce the cost of their rent?

What if you realized that as a group, you now have the MATH to build & distribute your own group publication?

The Math

If 30 businesses decide to work together and agree to pool their social traffic together, MAGICAL things will happen.

"If 30 businesses each brought 200 people to a group, they would attract a minimum of 6,000 people", Steve Thode, Founder Klusster

Each month these 6,000 consumers can view up to 18,000 pieces of information on the community, all because they want to.

Now that's powerful!

The Conclusion?

The current Math of online marketing is REALLY HARD working alone.

Klusster enables businesses the opportunity to work in GROUPS and reach 20X more consumers than the can alone.


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