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The Math Behind Klusster

Such a simple concept. Working together. There is a reason why community, networks and rock bands work. They just make sense.

The Math Behind Klusster

Why Consider A Group Publication?

When Social Media arrived, we all got excited that we might have 1000 people following us, and getting every message we sent, because they wanted to.

The euphoria of 1000 followers was replaced with CONSTANT need to create content (That we really didn't want to) to reach people in their feed.  It was exhausting.

Here's the problem

The reality is, we don't have time to read the Billions of new messages that were created each day, we hardly had time to take our kids to school.

As humans, we simply don't have the capacity to follow 1000 or 2000 accounts that are delivering 10-20 messages a day.  Our feeds would have 10,000-40,000 messages.

So instead of reaching 1000 people with a single post, we actually might reach 4 or 5.  And those 5 people don't buy from us every single time.

What If ?

What if 30 businesses decide to work together and agreed to pool their social traffic together to build a GROUP destination?

MAGICAL things will happen.

"If 30 businesses each brought 200 people to a group each month, they would attract a minimum of 6,000 people", Steve Thode, Founder Klusster

The current Math of online marketing is REALLY HARD working alone.

Klusster enables businesses the opportunity to work in GROUPS and reach 20X more consumers than the can alone.

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Want to reach more people online?

Klusster works. We can turn your social media into a extremely powerful asset!