Marketers! Help more clients with Klusster

Marketers! Help more clients with Klusster
about 3 years ago

The SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Klusster helps Marketers grow their clients business and their own business at the same time.

You Are A Marketer


We are marketers too.  Over the years, we have been lucky enough to reach about 35 Million people online.   With Klusster, we are bringing this experience of SEO, online marketing, branding, content creation and networking into a single platform that allows marketers to easily help their clients reach more people.

5 Ways to increase revenues with Klusster

  1. Build a branded eMagazine for a single client.
  2. Assemble a group of 5 and build a specialty magazine for a group
  3. Work with a restaurant or automotive chain & get the entire TEAM working together
  4. Use Klusster to increase SEO results for your clients websites
  5. Build a community PEER eMAgazine and NETWORK (AMAZING & FUN)

More about Klusster & Marketers

Marketing Professionals add value

Many online tools are "do it yourself" and Klusster is no exception, but we know that many business are tasked with so much, that these tools can be overwhelming. We have built Klusster so that marketing professionals can help businesses get more visibility without the CURRENT stress.

A Marketer In Action

In 2016, a group of local health professionals in Waterloo, Ontario decided to use Klusster to build a online Health Magazine.

With the help of a marketing professional, and using their collective efforts this small merchant group has a collective 100,000+ reads to their content each year.

Not only that, these clients now look to the Klusster manager to assemble regular meetings, and trade shows on behalf of the entire group.

With Klusster, you can serve 15-30 businesses and provide strong value for all clients, while building a strong ongoing revenue stream at the same time.

Why Klusster?

  1. Help them deliver strong messages & better search results through CONTENT MARKETING
  2. Help your clients reach more targetted customers through SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  3. Realize strong referrals through NETWORK MARKETING

Leaders Required

Most networks or organizations function better with a leader. When a marketing minded professional assembles these Klussters (big or small), they become more effective.  In addition, that champion role increases the connections within the network significantly too.

Why Grow With Klusster?

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Marketers, develop an entire new revenue stream with klusster

Contact us anytime, we can help you grow your business with Klusster!