Klusster Launches Major Changes To Team Alerts Function

Klusster Launches Major Changes To Team Alerts Function

We are excited to launch the new and improved team alerts. Reach more people. Generate Leads for your team!!

What does this mean?

When you create a publication, or participate in one, Klusster provides you the opportunity to invite staff, social media pro's to help in the distribution.

This definitely increases distribution but...

What if your staff, that distributes the content, wants the lead from sharing that content?

Have no fear!

Team Leads

You can now create a piece of content and assign the CTA form leads to your team members and these contacts will be held for future contact if need be.

How It Works

  1. Add team members to distribution in the Team Alert section.
  2. Team member approves to be part of publication sharing team.
  3. Twice A Week team members get eMail notification with fresh content.
  4. They Share
  5. Leads are collected!

That's it?

Learn how your business can build a publication with your TEAM and generate more leads.

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