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2 Ways To Build Your Business With Klusster

Klusster allows marketing professionals many ways to help their clients grow. Here a 2 easy ways.

2 Ways To Build Your Business With Klusster

1. Improve Clients Search Engine Results

1. Creating a customized eMagazine around a business will allow your client to hold higher and higher search results.

How? Creating content, not just any content, but strong content will validate your clients website and desired search terms.

For Example:

  1. A chiropractor could create an eMagazine called Fix Your Back - Nashville
  2. A dentist could create an eMagazine called Whiter Teeth - Anchorage
  3. A kitchen re-modeler could create an eMagazine called - Kitchen Renovations - Tampa

All of these eMagazines, with good content will strengthen your clients validity in search.  Nothing about this solution is a) Rocket science or b) Meant to trick search engines. Good quality content and legitimate sharing of this content creates strong search results.

We worked with one client to create an article on RAY BANS, and within 2 weeks, this business rose to the first page of Google. Not because of tips or trickery, but because this was the only LOCAL business that created a good piece of content on RAY BANS in their town.

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You can't handle the truth!

The truth of the matter is, the average local business owner has just not taken the time to create content, therefore, Google is driving people to businesses that may not be as strong a fit or those businesses competitors.

Klusster allows marketing professionals to easily start helping clients build content online and start to improve search immediately.

Create Your eMagazine, Get Found!

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2. Get 20 times the visibility for your client

Once you create an eMagazine for your client, the next step is to JOIN FORCES with other businesses to create a GROUP eMAGAZINE.

Klusster allows groups of businesses to take their content from their portfolio or own eMagazine and syndicate it with others to GET MUCH GREATER DISTRIBUTION.

Our Platform is designed to allow businesses the ability to leverage content anbd distribute it further.  No copy and paste, just a simple request to contribute to an applicable eMagazine. Klusster is 100% FREE if you choose. This allows marketers to get clients up and running and distributed in only a few weeks.


If 10 businesses each go together and brought 100 people a month to an eMagazine, 12,000 people will read the articles from that eMagazine.

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Above is the healthy Waterloo eMagazine, here 25 businesses are working together and generate over 100,000 reads of their content each year.  Promotions, articles, videos. EVERY business gets more visibility with Klusster.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how Klusster can help your marketing business grow!


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