Klusster Notifications

Klusster Notifications
over 3 years ago

Understanding your Klusster Notifications Panel and how to use them.

1. Start by logging in to your account on www.Klusster.com. Select the menu bar in the top left side corner. If you have any notifications, a small number icon will appear. To see your notifications, click Notifications.

Klusster Notifications

2. This is where you can track all action items within Klusster.

RECEIVED: Any received network requests (to add your content into their Klusster, or to add their content into your Klusster) will be shown here.

UPDATES: Any time a member of your Klusster updates (edits) their content, you will be notified here. You have the CHOICE of updating to latest (their changes will be reflected in their content in your Klusster) or keeping the original version (their content in your Klusster will NOT change).

SENT: Any sent network requests (to add their content into your Klusster, or to add your content into their Klusster) that you have sent, will be shown here.

COMPLETED: All Approved, Declined, and Updated content will show here as a record of your transactions.

To view the specific action items, you must select the relevant tab.

Klusster Notifications

Need some extra help? Take a look at our step-by-step VIDEO guide below.