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3 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer and #localbusiness can utilize Klusster.

Getting started with the Klusster platform is easy as 1-2-3

3 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer and #localbusiness can utilize Klusster.

So you want to build business online?

Getting found online is easier and more fun with Klusster

The first thing you need to know is that getting found online is a function of consistency.  Klusster is an easy to use tool that is GUARANTEED to increase visibility for you and/or your clients, but only if you follow some simple rules.

1. Consistently produce content.

2. Consistently distribute content from multiple sources.

Easy eh?

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

alone, together, you decide

Isolation Online Is Lonely

3 Cool Things To Build With Klusster

1. Build A Solo Portfolio

To get started on Klusster, uploading articles into a portfolio is a great start.

You will be well on your way to using the more powerful functions Klusster has to offer to increase your online exposure. By the way, these tools are FREE.

3 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer and #localbusiness can utilize Klusster.

With a SOLO portfolio, you still are the ONLY person working to get you found online.  Many Klusster users upload content to start a new brand to affect their SEO, but they quickly realize, they can do more with their content.

Click HERE if you want to see a SOLO Portfolio in Klusster.

2. Build A Solo Publication

Taking your content from your portfolio and placing it into a branded publication will allow you to take advantage of the Klusster Sharing Engine and increase distribution by creating a GROUP or TEAM to help you get your message across.

3 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer and #localbusiness can utilize Klusster.

Increase readership by adding team members to distribution.

A good example of a SOLO Publication is when a single business with an engaged staff or even a group of franchisees work together to spread the word of the company through combined social.  With a SOLO Publication you are aggregating your team influence.

Click HERE to see a SOLO Publication

3. Build A PEER Publication

With Healthy Life Burlington, we are  a group of community business owners that  benefit from our OWN publication.  It's nice knowing multiple business are working together to benefit each other. Healthy Life Burlington has magnified my reach and improved my SEO for several keywords and measurably increased my business!” Naiomi - Bodhi Bar

A PEER publication occurs when multiple Klusster users combine their content and distribution assets to reach a larger group.

Creating a PEER publication brings EVERYTHING together. Multiple content producers, multiple distributors of your publication, everyone is working together.

3 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer and #localbusiness can utilize Klusster.

Start Working With A Group Online

Marketers, Local Business Owners - It's time to build a PEER Publication

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