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Use Klusster as a content marketing tool. Create your own eMagazines or PEER eMagazines and get greater visibility today.

Marketers: Help your clients with Klusster

By using Klusster, as a marketer, you will increase your clients visibility online by up to 20 times and you will earn NEW revenues in the process.

Marketers: Help your clients with Klusster


Build EFFECTIVE  business and  PEER eMagazines.

Although the MONSTER power of Klusster lies in working with groups of clients, you can still set your client up to succeed online by building their own eMagazine first to get them started.

Are you a marketer? Klusster is an extremely powerful tool. We know business owners. We have built Klusster with the understanding that they need help with marketing so each eMagazine is typically managed by a marketing professional.

Step #1 Build your clients a self branded eMagazine of Klusster


"There is no doubt since I started using Klusster, I have noticed a definate improvement in where I stand in search results" Dr. Matt Lindsay, Chiropractor.

Why build a branded eMagazine or 3 for your clients using Klusster?

See a branded eMagazine in Action.  The Athena Prodigies is a branded eMagazine built by one business to significantly improve visibility & search strength.

Help Your Clients:

  1. Develop a content marketing strategy and increase branding.
  2. Improve your clients SEARCH ENGINE positioning.Generate new clients through social referrals of rich content.
  3. Develop consistent messaging through the creation of stronger content.
  4. Gain 10X the distribution of a standard "Blog" through our TEAM ALERTS program.
  5. Create multiple eMagazines and improve search results through more targeted content.
  7. Leverage each piece of content for further distribution in a powerful group eMagazine (Klusster)

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Why build a branded eMagazine? When you create a branded eMagazine with Klusster, we have taken out the "flaws" of standard stand-alone blogging. No longer do you create content for your clients and it gets minimal distribution.  Each year you will drive 1000s more prospective clients to your customers.

Want to provide even more value?

Step#2 Build a group of clients a Klusster eMagazine


"Klusster has provided us with the perfect platform to publish industry relevant content. With the knowledge gained, our clients can feel confident in their choice. Our latest article, detailing what is included in the ESA charge on your Electrical Contractor's invoice, reached a client in Burlington and we are very excited to partner with them on their upcoming electrical project!" Holly Parsons, Verve Electric

A Klusster eMagazine is no different than a shopping plaza.  By being part of a plaza, each business benefits from the traffic to the other.  No longer should clients be working alone online!

See A Klusster in Action: The Healthy Waterloo Region eMagazine drives 100,000 leads annually for a group of 25-30 local businesses.

By building a Klusster eMagazine your clients will:

  1. Increase their content exposure by 20-30+ times and simultaneously improve their SEO.
  2. Develop new offline word of mouth referral partners
  3. No longer need to feel alone with online marketing
  4. GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS and high strong Marketing ROI

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