about 2 years ago

Klusster rewards users for introducing other people to Klusster. Find out more.

Here at Klusster, we want to help you help us. We love seeing more people join the Klusster movement, and we love seeing businesses working together. And we know that many of the new faces around here found us because of you.

So we've decided to implement an affiliate program we're calling Referral Rewards.

You'll notice that on your settings page, there is a referral code. This code is unique to you. Every time someone signs up with your referral code, they will forever be associated with you.

So what are the rewards?

As an affiliate, your content and Klussters will always be streamed on the pages of those who used your referral code (very subtly, we promise).

So what do you have to do?

Any time you introduce someone to Klusster, or help them sign up, ask them to use your referral code - it's a great incentive to be part of Klusster for them, too (using your referral code doesn't cost them anything in the short or long term).

Also, any time someone signs up to Klusster directly from one of your Klussters, your content, or you portfolio, your code will automatically be associated with them too.

Referral Rewards is a great way to get a little something extra out of (what we think) is already a pretty awesome platform.

Need some extra help? Take a look at our step-by-step VIDEO guide below.