1 - Why Klusster? Reach up to 20X more people building a GROUP blog/publication

1 - Why Klusster? Reach up to 20X more people building a GROUP blog/publication

Discover why the Klusster.com FREE-TO-USE GROUP PUBLICATION/BLOG platform is used by 1000s of #ContentMarketing & #seo pros around the world!

Why are you working alone online???

When 2 people form a GROUP POWERED PUBLICATION/BLOG, that group can reach 2X more people. When 20 people work together, that group can reach 20X more people.

Discover the power of together!!

Klusster is used by thousands of businesses to help get better found online!

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Get a group, form a Klusster, have more fun reaching people online.

The Problems

  1. It is NOT EASY to drive significant traffic to most websites/blogs BY YOURSELF
  2. It is DIFFICULT for most businesses TO CREATE ENOUGH CONTENT to sustain an ongoing blog.
  3. PAY-PER-CLICK  strategies are VERY EXPENSIVE to drive traffic.
  4. Getting TOP SEO RESULTS in Google is HARDER than most admit.

Problems Solved!! - Form A GROUP Publication/Blog with Klusster.

The complete inbound-marketing solution

1 - Why Klusster? Reach up to 20X more people building a GROUP blog/publication

The Results Of Building A Klusster!

  1. Engage with a MUCH larger targeted audience. Period
  2. Reduce cost of client acquisition by up to 100%.
  3. Improve your organic SEO results.
  4. Generate more leads.
  6. Have FUN marketing your business.
"Our content has been referred by our Klusster group over 8000 times in our group publication, This Is Burlington.  Together, we delivered over 90,000 content engagements. Previously, our blog might have had 60 reads in the same period of time and if we utilized Google, it would have cost us $10,000 for this same volume of targeted traffic.  Not to mention, our organic search traffic improved by over 300% as a result of being part of a local group publication powered by Klusster."                                                                                                                        -----LB Spa Owner - Burlington, Ontario.

There are so many way to assemble GROUP Publications with Klusster

The 3 Publication Solutions

1. Gather Your Peers - The Multi Entity Publication/Blog

Stop Working Alone Online

Assemble a group of 2, 5 or even 10 businesses and all of you combine your content assets and social media distribution to reach and engage with significantly more than you can on your own.

Great For: Marketers, Local Business Networks, B2B business.

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2. Gather Your Team - The Single Entity Power Publication/Blog

Get Your Staff or Affiliates To Help You

Got an active staff,  sales team or volunteer base that wishes to help your organization? Assemble your publication and add 100+ team members to help you distribute your publication and generate leads for the organization!

Great For: Sales Teams, Non-Profits, Real Estate companies and more

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3. Klusster For SEO - Give your site a boost with consistent distribution.

Forming a quality Klusster publication with consistent distribution can also provide businesses with improved organic SEO.  Easily distribute quality content externally to get increased exposure throughout the internet. Most importantly, creating a publication for SEO sets up your business really well to participate in a much more powerful Klusster GROUP Publication.

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Turn-Key Publication Built In Hours!

No need for a website, Klusster provides businesses EVERYTHING a peer group requires to reach more people online fast!

1 - Why Klusster? Reach up to 20X more people building a GROUP blog/publication

Hosting, Content Creation Tools, Syndaication, Distribution Management System, Lead Management are all included.

Gather your PEERS, and reach more people today!!!

Who Can Use Klusster?

  1. Marketers
  2. Local Business Owners
  3. SEO Professionals
  4. Sales Teams
  5. Real Estate Brokerages
  6. Network Marketers
  7. Non Profit Organizations

Business? Blogger? Digital Marketer? Non-Profit?

Anyone can use Klusster!

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