What is Klusster?

Klusster is a content publishing & distribution tool that is built around one simple idea. Klusster publications are distributed by groups instead of alone.

What is Klusster?

1. Build a Klusster publication for your company or your client.

What if you could have a publication that gets the support of your entire staff to spread the word about your company? Klusster makes it happen.

By creating your own publication with Klusster, you can get coordinated distribution from your internal teams and track and reward your team for socially sharing content on behalf of your company.

2. Build a publication with a peer business group!

Why not partner with a group of businesses to reach more people?

The Results

By building a publication with Klusster, you will:

1) Increase your brand awareness.

2) Reach 1000s more people than you can alone. (See Graph)

3) Improve your ORGANIC SEARCH TRAFFIC to your website.

"Our organic search traffic was 100% improved as a result of joining a local group publication powered by Klusster. Every Local business or marketer should be using this strategy" LB Burlington, Ontario.
What is Klusster?

Working Together Groups Reach 1000s MORE With Klusster

Klusster Publication Features

1.  Create content designed for better search results.

2.  Your publication distributed by many.  No longer do you work alone.

3.  Subscribers AUTOMATICALLY managed.

4.  Full Statistics of content distribution.

5.  Add Multiple people to an account to help spread the word.

5.  Reduce your cost of content delivery by up to 20 times!

Online Marketing Lesson: Two Ways To Drive More Traffic

  1. You must take the time create and distribute valuable content on your website and other online venues. FACT: Google cannot drive people to your site if you have very little or no content in various points throughout the Internet.
  2. Businesses need a system to deliver their content. FACT: One person doing social media is not enough to get enough messages out. With Klusster, you can have 100s of partners helping distribute.

Klusster is the solution.

Klusster Makes It VERY easy to create and distribute content.

Not only will you get more direct traffic through coordinated sharing, but your ORGANIC SEARCH for your website will also improve with a publication powered by Klusster.

1) Our content management platform guides you to create SEO Friendly content that is easily understood by search engines.

2) Our distribution engine makes it very easy for your business to incorporate staff or other partners to help spread the word about your company.

A Klusster Publication In Action

What if a group of businesses got together?

In 2016, our first PEER GROUP of 1 online marketer & 30 local health businesses in Waterloo, Ontario decided to band together and use Klusster to create a brand new GROUP PUBLICATION called Healthy Waterloo Region.

This is how they did it...

What is Klusster?

The Results?

1. The contributing local businesses of Healthy Waterloo Region now generate over 130,000+ content leads for their group every year all at a fraction of the cost of other online options.

What is Klusster?
“My experience with the Healthy Waterloo Region Publication has been extremely satisfying. My membership In Healthy Waterloo Region will continue to be an important strategic component of building the strength of my business and website ranking" MW, Local Business Owner.

See How Klusster Can Help Your Business

1) I am a marketer I want to learn more.

2) I am a local business owner and am tired of going it alone.

3) How much does Klusster cost to use?