Ready to build a publication with a group?

Use the Klusster Publication platform to work with a like-minded community of businesses & reach far more people than you can by working alone.

Ready to build a publication with a group?

What's A Group Publication?

Check out the video and find out...

Why Build A Group Publication?

  1. Reach 20X more people by combining SOCIAL audience of many.
  2. Create stronger publications with more diverse content.
  3. Build relationships with more businesses in your community to help develop online word-of-mouth referrals to new customers.

Everyone is part of a community.

In this day and age, we are all part of a group of some sort.

We might be part of a group of businesses downtown or in a local area or a group of health businesses or restaurants.

We could part of a business networking group or chamber of commerce.  There are so many groups that you are already a part of. Why not leverage these groups.

Surprisingly, many businesses don't have a group or community strategy online.  They work feverishly alone in their attempt to get found and heard.

Klusster is the solution.

With Klusster, you can build an online COMMUNITY POWERED, word-of-mouth publication and reach thousands more relevant consumers with the power of a group.

Does building a group publication work?

Heck ya it works...

In 2016, our first PEER GROUP of 1 online marketer & 30 local health businesses in Waterloo, Ontario decided to band together and use Klusster to create a brand new GROUP PUBLICATION called Healthy Waterloo Region.

This is how they did it...

Ready to build a publication with a group?

This is the power of together.

The Results?

1. The contributing local businesses of Healthy Waterloo Region now generate over 130,000+ content leads for their group every year all at a fraction of the cost of other online options.

2. These businesses have now taken charge of their online marketing and through building their own publication.

3. Best of all, these 30 businesses and the local marketing professional have gotten to know each other and have developed new word-of-mouth relationships, built stronger businesses,  and collectively they have educated thousands of consumers in their community.

Ready to build a publication with a group?
“My experience with the Healthy Waterloo Region Publication has been extremely satisfying. My membership In Healthy Waterloo Region will continue to be an important strategic component of building the strength of my business and website ranking" MW, Local Business Owner.

What do I need to build a Publication?

1) A passion for your business or helping clients.

2) An understanding of the power of good content.

3) A desire to work with other people

Get Started

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2) I am a local business owner and am tired of going it alone.

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