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Use Klusster as a content marketing tool. Create your own eMagazines or PEER eMagazines and get greater visibility today.

About Us: Get Found Online With Klusster

Klusster is complete publishing platform that allows ANY business to reach more people online. Period.

About Us: Get Found Online With Klusster


Kusster is a powerful application that allows individual business owners or groups of business owners to reach up to 20X more people online.

Step#1 - Build A Branded eMagazine

Use Klusster to create a branded eMagazine for your business.

By creating your own online eMagazine with Klusster you will not only get found online, but you will also improve your SEO strength. Klusster's TEAM ALERT program helps any business build an SEO friendly magazine and leverage a larger audience to reach new customers. Your own magazine will be 5X stronger than a stand alone blog. See our Video.

Step #2 - Build A Peer eMagazine

Use Klusster to combine the strength of many!

Once you have completed your own eMagazine, you can then create a second eMagazine easily with your peers and create a group eMagazine and leverage a collective strength to reach a targeted audience that is 20X greater.

Klusster Peer eMag in Action

In 2016, a group of 20+ local health professionals in Waterloo, Ontario were tired of working alone to get found online. They decided to start working together to see if they could reach more people as a group. This is a Klusster.

The Result

With the help of a local marketing professional, this group used Klusster to build a online magazine called Healthy Waterloo Region and using their collective strength, this small merchant group now has a collective 100,000+ leads to their content each year.

Work Together. Reach more people. Improve SEO. Have fun doing it!

Why Klusster?


"The content we publish on Klusster allows our clients to educate themselves on the electrical industry so they are better equipped to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor. With the knowledge gained, our clients can feel confident in their choice. Our latest article, detailing what is included in the ESA charge on your Electrical Contractor's invoice, reached a client in Burlington and we are very excited to partner with them on their upcoming electrical project!" Holly Parsons, Verve Electric.
"There is no doubt since I started using Klusster, I have noticed a definite improvement in where I stand in google search results" Dr. Matt Lindsay, Aligned Chiropractic.
"I found Klusster through a friend Lee and I cannot thank her enough. Through use of Klusster and writing content,  I have been commisioned for new teaching engagements in my areas of specialty."  Lesley Cressman, A Sacred Journey

Klusster is a COMPLETE online publishing platform that allows ANY business to reach more people online!

About Us:

We are Klusster Media Inc. We have been fortunate enough to reach 35,000,000 people online. Now it's your turn to get found.


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