What is Klusster?

Klusster is a GROUP POWERED publishing, distribution & lead generation platform.

What is Klusster?

Why We Use Klusster?

As local online and SEO marketers, we set out to replicate the days when community business would promote each other through a set of business cards in their store.  Klusster is the modern version of this practice.

In the world of online marketing, business cards have evolved into rich content, and store traffic has been dwarfed by social media influence.

Klusster enables  5, 10 or even 20 businesses to get together and..

1) Create content rich, lead generating, GROUP publications.

2) Combine the strength of a GROUP to reach 20X more people.

3) Generate NEW LEADS at 90% lower cost than PAY PER CLICK programs.

4) Improve Organic SEO success by over 350%

Who can use Klusster?

Local Business Owners

Build a Klusster publication for your community business.

With Klusster, your online presence is magnified as you harness your entire staff to help in the distribution of information.

Get coordinated distribution from your internal teams and track and reward your team for socially sharing content on behalf of your company.

Local Online Marketers

Build a publication with/for a group of businesses.

Local businesses are in need of content creation, SEO services and affordable message delivery.  With Klusster, Local Online Marketers can develop a publication for a GROUP of businesses and significantly grow their own practice as well.

The Results

1) More direct exposure

2) Better organic search

3) More community referrals

"Our organic search traffic improved by over 300% as a result of joining a local group publication powered by Klusster. Every local business or marketer should be using this strategy" LB Burlington, Ontario.

A Klusster Publication In Action

What if a group of businesses got together?

In 2016, our first PEER GROUP of 1 online marketer & 30 local health businesses in Waterloo, Ontario decided to band together and use Klusster to create a brand new GROUP PUBLICATION called Healthy Waterloo Region.

This is how they did it...

What is Klusster?

The Results?

The contributing local businesses of Healthy Waterloo Region now generate over 130,000+ content leads for their group every year all at a fraction of the cost of other online options.

What is Klusster?
“My experience with the Healthy Waterloo Region Publication has been extremely satisfying. My membership In Healthy Waterloo Region will continue to be an important strategic component of building the strength of my business and website SEO rankings" MW, Local Business Owner.