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Use Klusster as a content marketing tool. Create your own eMagazines or PEER eMagazines and get greater visibility today.

About Klusster: Discover the power of together.

The Klusster Platform allows INDIVIDUALS or PEER GROUPS to CREATE & DISTRIBUTE quality TEAM POWERED eMagazines.

About Klusster:  Discover the power of together.

Why Klusster?

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to reach 35,000,000 people online. What we realised, is that as "connected" as we are supposed to be, most businesses seem to be working alone trying to get found online.

Klusster changes all of that.  We enable ANY size of business to easily assemble an eMagazine and distribute through a team to get more visibility fast.

It doesn't matter if you build your own company eMagazine or take part in a Klusster built PEER eMagazine, either way, your content goes farther and you take much greater control of your own online marketing budget.

#1 - Reach MORE People!

Build your own eMagazine with Klusster

By creating your own online eMagazine with Klusster you will not only reach more people, but you will also improve your SEO strength.

We know, we know, you have invested time putting content before, and haven't had much success getting found.

Well, Klusster's TEAM ALERT program helps ANY business easily distribute their SEO friendly magazine to a larger audience to reach new customers with a group of people. And, It's fun too!

Subsequently, your own magazine will reach  5-10X MORE PEOPLE than a stand alone blog. See our Video.

#2 - Reach EVEN MORE People!

Build an eMagazine with your PEERS using Klusster

Once you have completed your own eMagazine, you can next create or join an eMAgazine with a set of PEERS.

In 2016, 25 LOCAL businesses decided to get together to build a PEER eMagazine Powered By Klusster called Healthy Waterloo Region.  That group now distributes over 100,000 quality articles and more each year. See Video Below

Who Can Use Klusster?

1. Local business owners that want to improve visibility online

2. Networking groups that want to assemble the power of a group

3. Non-Profit Organizations that have supporters that want to help

4. Businesses where staff has a vested interest in their success

5. Business Associations that all benefit from more group traffic

6. Bloggers that want to combine forces to reach more people

Klusster is a COMPLETE online publishing platform that allows ANY business to enage with more people online!


Quality Publishing:

  1. Create a high quality portfolios with rich visual content and videos.
  2. Optimise your content for search engines with our SEO Meter.
  3. Create individual or PEER eMagazines fast.
  4. Convert clients with easy contact capabilities and hyperlinks.
  5. Manage comments for your clients and provide customer service.

Increased Distribution:

  1. Fully Integrated with social media distribution.
  2. Reach 10X more people with TEAM ALERTS and the ability to build PEER eMagazines.Add content to multiple eMagazines by simple request to eMag manager.
  3. Ability to build PEER eMagazines and distribute as a group.
  4. Easily syndicate content to multiple eMagazines for even greater distribution.
  5. Automatic weekly updates to followers

Hosting and Management:

  1. Choose FREE or AD FREE hosting options
  2. Manage your own eMagazines and provide stats to all contributors in a PEER eMagazine

Have fun communicating your business. See Our Step by Step Videos


"The content we publish on Klusster allows our clients to educate themselves on the electrical industry so they are better equipped to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor. With the knowledge gained, our clients can feel confident in their choice. Our latest article, detailing what is included in the ESA charge on your Electrical Contractor's invoice, reached a client in Burlington and we are very excited to partner with them on their upcoming electrical project!" Holly Parsons, Verve Electric.
"There is no doubt since I started using Klusster, I have noticed a definite improvement in where I stand in google search results" Dr. Matt Lindsay, Aligned Chiropractic.
"I found Klusster through a friend Lee and I cannot thank her enough. Through use of Klusster and writing content,  I have been commisioned for new teaching engagements in my areas of specialty."  Lesley Cressman, A Sacred Journey

About Us:

We are Klusster Media Inc. We work with businesses and marketers to help ANY business engage with more potential customers online.


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