Klusster is a group publishing platform that enables ALL members of the "Klusster" to reach significantly more people online.


This is what a group can do!

In 2016, a group of 20 local health professionals in Waterloo, Ontario decided they had enough of working alone to reach people online.

They decided to use Klusster to build a online Health Magazine and using their collective efforts this small merchant group now has a collective 100,000+ leads to their content annually.

In Google or facebook this would cost up to $120,000. With Klusster it can be done at 90% lower costs or more.

How does it work?

Farther together...

Klusster enables any community business, blogger or organization the ability to amplify their social reach and develop stronger community connections through the creation of content rich peer eMagazines.

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You are a...

Non-Profits or Community Groups

Local Business

Blogger or group of friends

Marketers or Social Media Marketers

It doesn't matter who you are or how big a fish you are. If you want to get your messages delivered to more people, it's much easier to do so with a group.

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