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Klusster The #contentmarketing and GROUP PUBLICATION PLATFORM.

Get A Group! Use Klusster to create, host and distribute a branded online PEER PUBLICATION and engage with up to 20X more people online.

Klusster The #contentmarketing and GROUP PUBLICATION PLATFORM.

The Prelude

Before we started Klusster, we were fortunate enough to reach over 35,000,000 people online.  We found ourselves near the top 1% of Google AdSense earners and as exciting as that was, we couldn't help but think how tiring it was to reach people alone.  We figured others agreed.

Klusster (Verb): To work together to reach more people online.

The Problems

  1. It is simply not easy to drive significant traffic to most websites.
  2. For most businesses, it is difficult to sustain a blog that attracts a large audience.
  3. Pay-Per-Click strategies are every expensive.
  4. Getting top SEO results in Google is harder than most admit.

The Solution?

Form an alliance, combine a groups content and social assets.

What if...  30 PEER businesses each used their social assets to bring 200 qualified people to a common online destination each month? They would attract a minimum of 6,000 people. That GROUP would make roughly 20,000 connections EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Create a PEER Publication with Klusster.
What if...  1 local business with a staff of 15 cooperated to distribute a company branded publication? That local business could reach an extra 1000 - 3000 people EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Tap into your staff influence with Klusster.
What if...  20 mid-size bloggers each with a reach of 5,000 got together to build a cooperatively branded publication? They could reach 50,000 - 500,000 people and create a tangible revenue producing property.  With Klusster, bloggers have the power to succeed, if they work together.

None of this is new.  Shopping plazas, downtown districts, Best Buy, the cereal aisle are all examples of bringing things together to provide benefit to both the consumer and the businesses that participate.

Even two businesses working together online provides more visibility.

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Get Found Being Part Of A Group

Why Build A Group Publication?

  1. Engage a MUCH larger targeted audience at a fraction of current costs.
  2. Improve your organic SEO results by up to 300%
  3. Up your game. By answering to a group, your need for quality improves.
  4. Generate more leads.
"Our messages have been delivered over 5,000 times in our local group publication, Healthy Life Burlington.  Additionally, our organic search traffic improved by over 300% as a result of joining a local group publication powered by Klusster. Every local business or marketer should be using this strategy"                        LB -  Burlington, Ontario.

Klusster provides businesses all the tools a peer group requires to reach more people online. Hosting, Content Creation, Distribution, Lead Management are all included. And, It's 100% FREE.

What's Next?

1) Upload your content, magnify your presence online.

2) Create a branded publication and a staff distribution strategy.

3) Invite PEERS to be part of your publication & explode your reach.

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