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Use Klusster as a content marketing tool. Create your own eMagazines or PEER eMagazines and get greater visibility today.

Get A Group. Form A Klusster. Engage With More People Online

The KLUSSTER.COM PLATFORM enables publishers, groups & businesses to create, host & distribute quality TEAM PUBLICATIONS & engage with more people online.

Get A Group. Form A Klusster. Engage With More People Online

Who Uses Klusster?

  1. You are a local business that wants to generate increased revenues.
  2. You are a online marketer that wishes to help a group of businesses.
  3. You manage a networking group and wish to build the groups brand.
  4. You own a restaurant or group of restaurants.
  5. You are a blogger that wishes to form a blogging alliance to reach more people.

What happens when you work together online?

In 2016, our first PEER group of 25 local health businesses in Waterloo, Ontario decided to band together and use Klusster to create a brand new publication called Healthy Waterloo Region.

The Results?

The contributing local businesses of Healthy Waterloo Region now generate over 100,000 collective connections for the group each year?

And...they have fun doing it!

“My experience with the Healthy Waterloo Region Publication has been extremely satisfying. My membership In Healthy Waterloo Region will continue to be an important strategic component of building the strength of my business and website ranking" MW, Local Business Owner.
Get A Group. Form A Klusster. Engage With More People Online

Over 100,000 leads generated as a group.

What's the secret?

The secret is simple. Strength in numbers. No matter how strong you are online as an individual business, you can be MUCH stronger and engage with a group of PEERS. Stop doing it alone!

The Klusster Platform gives you the power to easily aggregate your social media connections and provide an incredible boost to a businesses message distribution.

Do I need a big group?

Not at all. A group of as little of 2 can easily DOUBLE their online visibility using Klusster to create a joint publication.

Leave EVERYTHING up to us.

We give you ALL the tools you need to CREATE, MANAGE & DISTRIBUTE a successful collaborated publication.

It's Entirely Up To You

Reach 300 people alone. Or reach 3,000 people by collaborating.

Why build an eMagazine with a group?

See Video Below


Easy Quality Publishing:

  1. Completely AD FREE mobile friendly publishing.
  2. Quickly create visually appealing content. Embed images, Youtube videos and more.
  3. Optimise your content for search engines with our SEO Meter.
  4. Manage & control the publishing of multiple contributors easily

Coordinated Distribution:

  1. Fully Integrated with social media distribution.
  2. Powerful automatic TEAM distribution alerts.
  3. Easily syndicate content to multiple eMagazines for even greater distribution.
  4. Full stats to show the strength of each group member.
  5. Automatic eMails to subscribers.

Affordable Publication Hosting:

  1. Try Us. Get 5,000 Group Connections FREE
  2. Tiered Pricing As You Grow
    1. 1000-5000 Monthly Connections $39/mth/publication
    2. 5001-10000 Monthly Connections $59/mth/publication
    3. 10,001-20,000 Monthly Connections $79/Month
    4. 20,001-30,000 Monthly Connections $99/Month
    5. 30,000+ Let's Talk

Testimonials by users of the Klusster Platform.

"The content we publish on Homes Services Hub allows our clients to educate themselves on the electrical industry so they are better equipped to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor. With the knowledge gained, our clients can feel confident in their choice. Our latest article, detailing what is included in the ESA charge on your Electrical Contractor's invoice, reached a client in Burlington and we are very excited to partner with them on their upcoming electrical project!" Holly Parsons, Verve Electric.
"There is no doubt since I started joined the YOUR VIDA network, powered by Klusster, I have noticed a definite improvement in where I stand in google search results. Klusster allows our group to reach 1000s more than we can on our own." Dr. Matt Lindsay, Aligned Chiropractic.
"I found Klusster through a friend Lee and I cannot thank her enough. By participating in the Thrive Collaborative eMagazinem, powered by Klusster,  I have been commisioned for new teaching engagements in my areas of specialty."  Lesley Cressman, A Sacred Journey
With YOUR VIDA, you are part owner of a network & eMagazine. This network helps generate far more interest through social media than you could on your own. YOUR VIDA has measurably increased my business” Naiomi - Bodhi Bar

About Us:

We are Klusster Media Inc. We work with businesses and marketers to help ANY business engage with more potential customers online.

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