@kickfactoryinc Is the math of twitter actually sad?

@kickfactoryinc Is the math of twitter actually sad?

Kick factory did some great research. On one hand this is encouraging. On the other hand, if everyone has 707 followers...

The Best Kept Secret

Sure POTUS is killing it on Twitter, but what about the rest of the world? Businesses?  How about social media professionals? Those with 300,000 followers are they truly getting good bang for their buck on Twitter?

We argue that the GOOD NEWS is countered by bad news. It's not so much about the followers, it's about how many your average follower is following. KickFactory claims the average twitter user is being followed by 707 people which we argue is GREAT news.

But even big brands that have 100,000 followers, can be stymied be that follower that is following 1000 different accounts.

How do we know?

We have been retweeted (Thank You. Legitimately) by social media professionals that have 300,000 followers.  And you know how many people have read our content as a result of that AMAZING endorsement? 30!  That's right. 1/10,000 people have been affected by our most powerful endorsers.

We are guilty ourselves.  We spent some time looking at who we follow  and the reality is we can't give enough head space to the 1000s we are following.  See we argue. FOCUS who you follow.

Twitter made it really easy to "FOLLOW" people so everyone feels "good". Most social media is like this. Quantity is not quality.  We feel strongly that just because we can follow 1000 accounts, doesn't mean we are developing true connections.

Now, I am not saying you can't develop good relationships on twitter...you can.  You can though reach out to people very quickly to develop business relationships. Can you say rolodex?  Our suggestion is to decide the reason you want to use twitter.  If you want to be a media property, then stop following so many.  Create great content and more great content.  If you want to use Twitter as a connection tool, then develop a system to connect to partners that make sense in your business community.


Mathematically, if you follow 707 people, the chances of you being impressed in a day by 1 of the people you are following is RIDICULOUSLY LOW!

Let's say you even spend 5 minutes looking at your twitter feed.

Within the first few seconds, you should, if you are really truly interested in who you are following, be taken away from Twitter. through reading someone's article. So if you budget even an hour a day for reading content, from people you follow...its likely that you MIGHT be able to engage (truly engage) with 10 businesses a day. (6 minutes) per piece of content. 1/70

So, if you follow 70 people, it will take you 70 working days to engage with those you follow to truly be "impressed"


Descide how you want to use Twitter!  A connection tool or a media solution.