Klusster For Auto Dealers

Klusster For Auto Dealers

You have an organization that CONSTANTLY needs to get the word out of all you have going on. Build a publication and involve your entire team!

Your Biggest Asset

The biggest asset you have as a car dealer is your staff.  What if we can turn this asset up a notch and they can behave as a "stakeholder" in the business.

The truth is, your 50 plus staff are connected and if you provide them the right information, they will want to share that information with their friends and family.

Each staff member has an influence for you. But, you need to carefully respect their power and influence.

The Solution

Build a legitimate publication, that is an extension of your business that your staff can proudly participate in distributing.

If you do the math, 50 people in a dealership are likely connected to 5,000 people minimum in your target market.  At any given point in time, at least annually 500 of those people are in the need of a new vehicle.

That's roughly $10 Million in cars that people your staff know are going to purchase.

With a legitimate publication your staff can reference content that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable talking about your dealership.

If you are going to create a publication for your dealership, here are a few ideas that will help you steer in the right direction.