Klusster is a user friendly program, and it's FREE version is packed with power. We highly recommend you consider the value of a Klusster Certified Pro.

Guidance Will Navigate You Through Klusster

A Klusster is a group of businesses that work together to create a group eMagazine.

You are a business owner, and you have a group of other businesses that you know and trust well and you are thinking of creating a Klusster, or using Klusster to market your business better online.

Facebook and Twitter are amazing tools - and in many cases people can manage them perfectly on their own.  The same goes for Klusster. But in the case of all of these tools, sometimes it is good to work with someone that can navigate with you for a while so that you can sail faster on your own - especially in the beginning.

Klusster Is Slightly Different

In the case of Klusster, you might know how to use the application, but if you are going to work together with other businesses in creating a new eMagazine, you want to be equipped to work with these businesses that are not as "ready" as you.

"Having a Klusster manager helps you get the most of your group.  Regardless, even with a partner to help you manage the Klusster, your costs to reach new customers are 90% lower than Google or FB Pay-Per-Click programs.", Kathleen B

Successful Klussters

Successful Klussters, like successful teams take coordination. Together each business doing their "little" part makes the orchestra very powerful. Each business that becomes part of a Klusster, although very capable needs to be responsible for:

1) Learning the concept of Klusster

2) Learning the Klusster Application

3) Uploading Articles To The Klusster

4) Consistently Sharing The Group

Although each of these tasks alone are not difficult, in the early days of a Klusster there is some time and effort required to make things run smoothly.

Down the road, the need for concentrated Klusster management subsides, but there is still value in having someone take responsibility for quality control of the group and the messages that come out of the group.

Where a Klusster Certified Professional Can Help

No two Klussters are alike.  Different people in different groups create different dynamics.  A Klusster pro can help you:

1) Determine the strategy of your Klusster

2) Help you communicate with people you want to join your Klusster

3) Help you train the people in the early days of Klusster

4) Help you communicate with the group to maintain the quality of the eMagazine

5) Help with the quality and creation of content from some of your members.

6) Help make sure all members of the Klusster are working for the benefit of the group.

In the early days, it takes a few hours to get each business up to speed on the application itself and we think if you are a business, its important to run your business and work with a marketing professional.

In the end, many hands make light work, we just want to make sure all of those hands are in sync.


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