CASE STUDY: A group of 25 local businesses wanted to reach more people online

CASE STUDY: A group of 25 local businesses wanted to reach more people online

Local businesses are very powerful when aligned together. See how Klusster helps a business community reach thousands of new people each month.

Business Network Member?

Klusster is the perfect tool for existing networks that already work together OFFLINE to combine their strengths and explode visibility ONLINE

The Case Study

A local digital marketer had great clients and wanted to know if a group of them could work together to leverage their collective social media to reach more people. It was understood that community business were always looking for creative ways to work together.

The Solution

The digital marketer and 3 "founding" local businesses decided to use Klusster to build a GROUP powered eMagazine call "This Is Burlington"

The set out the rules so that each business would upload a minimum of 1 piece of content to Klusster each month to This Is Burlington.

They also agreed that each member of the community must actively participate in distribution of either the home page of This Is Burlington or the content within.

The Results?

Well, when 25 local businesses work together, it's pretty powerful.

So far the community businesses of THIS IS BURLINGTON have collectively delivered over 130,000 messages using their combined social media.

It's also incredible how those businesses further develop relationships because they get to know their network members through the content they write.

Next Steps?

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